24 companies get a faster customs service

- , 18/01/2016, 13:19


The government granted 24 large investing companies the facility of faster customs service without physical examination of import goods. The facility was granted on recommendation from the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), the agency chief Franky Sibarani said as quoted by Antara.
"The investment value of the 24 companies reaches Rp100 trillion," Franky said.
With the facility, imports of capital goods and industrial basic materials by the 24 companies could pass the customs in 30 minutes. Normally it could take 3 to 5 days including physical examination by the customs. With the facility the customs would examine only import documents.
Franky said the facility is granted to both domestic and foreign companies operating in any sectors fulfilling certain requirements based on a number of factors including their investment report and verification by the Customs and Excise Directorate General
He said there were proposals from 100 companies since December being processed by BKPM, but so far only 24 companies were considered deserving the facility.
The 24 companies include 5 domestic investment companies (PMDN) and 19 foreign investment companies (PMA).
"The facility is offered to companies operating in any sector and any areas. In principle the facility is offered for companies under construction to help accelerate implementation," he said.
Five companies symbolically received the facility on Monday including a pulp and paper producer in South Sumatra, an automotive steel factory in Banten, an oil palm plantation and palm oil processing company in East Kalimantan, an integrated industrial estate and nickel processing industry in Central Sulawesi and a nickel smelter in North Maluku.
Earlier, on Dec. 14 in 2015, BKPM, in cooperation with the Customs and Excise Directorate General provided such facility for the imports of machines and equipment of an industrial company with factory under construction.

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