SSI Schaefer Sees an Increasing and More Potential Market

- , 28/11/2016, 18:16


SSI Schaefer is very very optimistic with the market growth but noted an appropriate strategy to keep customer loyalty and expand the market share, especially to those who getting status of PLB.
SSI Schaefer, the world’s leading supplier of warehousing and logistics systems, sees a more growing and demanding market in Indonesia as the country will continue to add more and more bonded logistics centres (PLB).
As reported earlier, the government supported to build more and more PLBs with the ambitious target to make them Southeast Asia’s biggest logistic zone.Following the decision to establish such bonded logistic centre policy, the government has launched 28 PLBs nationwide, and target to add more next year until 40 units in total.
“Existing market is now growing & more demanding, but mostly our products can meet/suit the requirement of market,” Yusli Kadino, General Manager of SSI Schaefer told Indonesia Shipping Gazette.

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