TPK Koja Wants to Widen the Scope of CSR Activities

- , 25/07/2016, 17:33


The subsidiary of PT Pelindo II (IPC), Terminal Peti Kemas (TPK) Koja want to broad the scope of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)’s activity. So far, the TPK Koja has routinely conducted some programs like mass circumcision, help the poor and other social facilities or infrastructures.
“We also would like to widen the implementation of CSR’s program to help spouses who haven’t hold marriage certificate due to their limited budget or other problems,” said the General Manager of TPK Koja, Agus Hendriyanto in his welcome speech in a mass circumcision event at Rumah Sakit (RS) Pelabuhan, Kramat Jaya, North Jakarta on Tuesday (July 12).
“In the implementation, we would like to work together with the Mayor Office of North Jakarta to get the data of illegitimate marriage spouses,” he said.
The mass circumcisions held by the TPK Koja on Tuesday at the Rumah Sakit Pelabuhan to circumcise 160 boys from six sub-district at Koja district, North Jakarta.
They are the children of TPK Koja employees’ relatives, RS Pelabuhan employees’ relatives and others.

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