Will PLB Attract More Storage in the Country?

- , 31/10/2016, 17:51


Indonesia continues to add more bonded logistics centers (PLB) to cut logistics cost and build industry competitiveness. But will they attract more storage? Customs and Excise Director General Heru Pambudi said there is evidence for it.
ndonesia’s Logistics Performance Index (LPI) ranked the 63rd of 160 states in 2016, according to World Bank. It was down from 53rd in 2014. Its score reached 2.98, down from 3.08 in 2014.
Of total six aspects as parameter index, only two aspects that experienced an improvement (international shipment and tracking & tracing), while four others experiencing downgrade. Three aspects got score over 3.0 (logistic service competence and quality, tracking & tracing, and timeliness), while three others scored less than 3.0 (customs, infrastructure, and international delivery).

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