Electronic Data Interchange. Indonesia (EDII), a subsidiary of Pelindo II and GeTS Asia are introducing their joint system to Indonesia forwarders (Indonesia Logistics and Forwarders Association/ALFI) through a half day seminar.

The seminar taking place at Pelindo II office presented issues on customs clearance with special topic: “Menjadi Penyedia Jasa Layanan Kepabeanan Terdepan dengan Peningkatan Nilai Tambah Layanan Forwarder Indonesia” - Being a leading custom clearance provider through improving added values in Indonesia forwarding service in Indonesia.

More than 200 Indonesian forwarders, member of ALFI, joint the seminar.

EDII and GeTS introduced the Cross Border System (XBS),  an automated system in customs clearance reporting, the system that can help a fast cargo delivery from the port.

In addition, GeTS and EDII also introduced Trade2Gov and HIVE, the systems jointly developed by GeTS and EDII in customs clearance data interchange between Indonesia and Singapore.

In his remark speech, EDII President Director E. Helmi Wantono said that, the information technology revolution has a significant effect on business process. "EDII is anticipating such situations with doing change in line with what the business expect," he said.

Hence, EDII continues to build and introduce new system to help the business, including the forwarding business. "Today we introduce new system in customs clearance to help forwarders in Indonesia."

According to Helmi, the system will absolutely support the existing business process that stand on the principles of fast, accurate, and cost efficiency.

ALFI Chairman Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi appreciated this seminar, saying this is in line with how the business is going on now.

"Forwarding and logistics are on trend of e-logistics. So, the systems, including the customs clearance document system must support it," he said.

Author: Damas Jati