Enjoying 41% Growth, TPK Koja to Create a Record, Reaching 1 Million TEUS in 2017

Damas Jati - , 07/12/2017, 11:49


Koja Container Terminal (TPK Koja) is predictably to create a throughput record in 2017, reflecting from its volume handled until October. Data from the terminal says that its volume until October reached 867,531 tues, a 41% increase year-on-year, from 685,483 in the same period in 2016.

Data also says that there is a significant increase since August, with monthly productivity over 100 thousands, thanks to the increase trade volume and the contribution of business to business transfer operation of Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) North Quay to TPK Koja since August.

“Reflecting to the monthly productivity since August, we are absolutely confident that we will reach one million teus until the end of the year, even more,” Nuryono Arief, TPK Koja Corporate Secretary told Indonesia Shipping Gazette last week.

“Until October, we have reached 867,531 tues. We still have two months (November and December). With monthly volume of over 100 thousands, we are really sure it will even exceed 1 million TEUS,” Nuryono said.

Nuryono explained there is an increase of import export import volume to/from Tanjung Priok in 2017. “We are benefited from the trend,” he said.

According to data from IPC, until September, Tanjung Priok enjoyed a 17% export/import volume growth, to 3,367,267 from 2,883,272 TEUS in the same period last year, a total from seven container terminals (TPK Koja, JICT, MAL, PTP, OJA, TSJ, and NPCT1).

In view of share, JICT is still leading, with contribution of 35.88%, followed by TPK Koja (25.76%), NPCT1 (17.79%), and the remaining was contributed by the four other terminals. However, though it leads the contribution, but JICT suffered a deep fall during the period, down by 25%, while NPCT1 enjoyed a very fantastic growth, by 4559%. TPK Koja itself enjoyed a 41% growth until September.

Nuryono affirmed, in addition to the increasing trend from Tanjung Priok, TPK Koja was also benefited from the contribution of business to business transfer operation of JICT North Quay. Data says as many as 127,292 additional volume came to TPK Koja from the transfer operation.

It came from CMA CGM direct service with weekly loading and unloading capacity of 3,000 TEUS plus three Maersk Line weekly services.

The JICT union strike in August has triggered a services move from JICT to other terminals. But, Nuryono disagree with the conclusion saying that TPK is mostly benefited from it. “Just have a look on the data,” he said.

According to data, in 2017, NPCT1 enjoyed a very fantastic growth. Until September, this terminal volume has reached 599,065 TEUS, from only 12,859 TEUS in 2016. Data also said that since August, as many as 5 services of Maersk Line moved from JICT to NPCT1.  


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