Govt plans Nabire Port expansion as feeder port

Martinus Job - , 24/12/2017, 11:13


The government has announced its plans to develop the Nabire Port in Papua as feeder port for the province, for both cargo and passenger ships.

President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo said on Thursday (Dec.21)  in Nabire Regency, Papua that the construction to expand the port would start in 2018.

After its expansion, Nabire Port will be able to serve six regencies around Nabire-- Waropen, Paniai, Dogiai, Mimika, Kaimana and Wandama.

"We will start with [building] the container terminal in 2018. [The existing port] will be repaired, expanded and improved upon," Jokowi said in a press release.

Renovations on the passenger terminal would commence later, the President said, adding that the private sector was welcome to take part in the port's development.

"I heard from Regent Isaias Douw that a lot off Nabire's products such as fish, oranges, wood and bananas, are shipped to Surabaya and Makassar," Jokowi said.

He added that the government would build port facilities and offer incentives to attract private investments in Nabire.


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