Hutchison Ports is supporting the steps taken  by Jakarta International Container Terminal, asking the managent to find solution according to Indonesia's law and regulation on empowerment. 

In a press release issued today, August 10, Hutchison Port Indonesia expressed it's deep sadness over the strike by the JICT union on August 3-7,  saying the strike forced the terminal stop operation. 

"We trust the management to handle and overcome this unexpected  incident according to the mechanism of law and regulation on employment," Rianti Ang, Chief Executive Officer PT Hutchison Port Indonesia (HPI) said in the release. 

Fortunately, according to Rianti, the strike did not disturb the service to JICT customers. 

As reported  earlier as many as 20 shipcalls were relocated to other terminals during the strike. Some contacted sources stated differently, saying customers were suffering much due to the strike. 

According to Rianti, in cooperation with PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II, Hutchison has successfully upgraded JICT to be a world class terminal and JICT has significantly helped to improve the workers' welfare. 

Rianti noted that during 18 years being partner in JICT operation, Hutchison has invented more than $330 million for new equipments, IT, and infrastructure, making the terminal to be the best one in Asia.

Commending the JICT extension contract between Hutchison Ports and PT Pelindo II, Hutchison Ports said the process has been done  transparently and in line with the law and regulation. 

“The extension contract is done to increase JICT capacity and to support the government vision in Indonesia's port infrastructure development," said Rianti. 

As one of investor that has long been involved in  Indonesia's port development and operation, Hutchison Ports will commit to take part. Hutchison Ports also believes  the government to resolve this issue, thus keeping the trust of international investors to do investment in Indonesia.

A day before, on August 9, a meeting involving the JICT Union, Port Authority, Local Government Employment Board of North Jakarta (Sudinaker Jakut), and Port Council recommended for withdrawal of the warning letter 2 (SP2) sent by JICT management one day after the strike end.   

The meeting conducted at the Sudinaker Jakut. Unfortunately, the JICT Direction Board was absent. Head of Tanjung Priok Port Authority I Nyoman Gede Saputra, SP JICT Chairman Nova Sofyan Hakim, as well as Port Council Chairman joint the meeting.

The Labor Union of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (SPPI II), meanwhile, has voiced and urged the Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) Direction Board to recall the two ‘warning letters’ (SP 1 and 2) that they have sent to JICT staff that joint the five days strike. 

SPPI I said, these warning letters are potential to again heat up the situation that had been conducive. In addition, it breaks the Law No 13/2013 on Employment, the article 144, in particular.

This warning letters will have consequences on cutting workers salary and bonus by 10% and 30% respectively. 

Author: Damas Jati