IPC Branch Priok Achieving Yearly Target in November

Damas Jati - , 06/12/2017, 09:25


Pelindo II/IPC Priok Branch Tanjung Priok has achieve its yearly income target of 2017 in November and predictably to exceed the target by 10% if combined with the income of December, thanks to the increasing ship calls and high income from land rent. 

Hendro Haryono, General Manager of IPC Tanjung Priok Branch told Indonesia Shipping Gazette, the 2017 yearly target of Rp 1.3  trillion has been achieved in November. "Thanks to the supports of any parties including the supports from all stakeholders, partners, and  customers, so we can  achieve the yearly target before the year  end," he said on the sideline of Tanjung Priok Branch Customer and Media Gathering for the IPC 25 Year Anniversary in Yogyakarta, November 4-6.

Hendro explained the yearly profit  would predictaly exceed the target. Moreover, the activities at the Branch office save much operating cost. "Our cost structure enables us to create a very good profit. The highest cost segment is only for personnel cost (salary)," he said.

Hendro explained the income sources were mostly contributed from land rental, pilotage, berthing, and concession  plus from the self operation of passenger terminal. 

"Since we don't self handle the activities of cargo loading and unloading, our  income are mostly contributed from our land rental, berthing fees, concession, and pilotages. The cargo handling have been run by our parent company's (IPC) subsidiaries, PTP (PT. pelabuhan Tanjung Priok) and IPC TPK. But, some are sourced from our self operation of passenger terminal," Hendro explained. 

The high rocketing income of 2017 that predictally will be 10% over target, according to Hendro, was created  by the achievement of land rental target and the increasing  of shipcall tonnage. 

In his presentation during the gathering, Hadi Nurbayadi, Deputy General Manager for Commercial explained that until quarter 3 that ends in September, total shipcalls reached 63 million GT, or over 80% of the 2017 yearly target which was contracted to 78 million GT.

“Total shipcalls at Tanjung Priok  both in numbers and tonage until September increased," he said.

Affirming the trend, Hendro explained that the berthing handling for all terminals at Tanjung Priok, excluding the ones of special terminals (TUKS) is under Tanjung Priok Branch  authority, but all pilotage including to TUKS are fully under  its control. 

"We will fully control the pilotages, though the operational is running under cooperation with PT JAI (IPC subsidiary for pilotage service). The increase in those services have significantly contributed to our income," said Hendro. 

Improve the System, Optimize Asset

Tanjung Priok Port stakeholders and customers appreciate such achievement, but call for improvement in  some service aspects and ask to optimize  the utilization of this port's assets. 

Chairman of INSA Jaya Capt Alimuddin and Chairman of Stvedoring Companies Association (APBMI DKI Jakarta) Juswandi Kristanto hail for such achievement,  saying there were some significant improvement in service  for the last couple of years. 

Alimuddin underlined the adoption of inaportnet for online information and services had helped the shipping lines with an efficiency. However, he called for an improvement as the system sometimes is getting trouble. "We hope the inaportnet system is getting better and better."

Meanwhile, Juswandi asked for optimizing the asset utilization. “For example, the areal of 102. We hope IPC Branch Tanjung Priok will soon make this area as TPS (freight station)," he said, adding that such step can help improving productivity of this port.

He also underlined that APBMI is always ready to coordinate with IPC Branch Tanjung Priok to support the improvement of this port performance.

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