IPC Logistics Semarang Enjoyed 126% Growth Until November

Damas Jati - , 03/12/2017, 15:55


Until November, IPC Logistics Branch Semarang enjoyed an average 126% production growth year on year, though the growth of each service segments varied, in which domestic trucking experienced the highest growth, while project cargo faced a very significant drop.

"The market is good. We are enjoying a good volume growth in some segments, but project cargo dropped significantly. Overall, however, there was still a significant growth," Entjen Jusni, IPC Logistics Semarang General Manager told Indonesia Shipping Gazette. 

According to data from IPC Logistics Semarang, total boxes, containers, trips, and documents handled until November reached 2,118 units, increasing 126% year on year, from 937 units handled in the same period last year. 

Domestic trailer service experienced the highest growth, reaching 1353%, from 19 to 276 trips, while the project trucking suffered most, by -94%, from 467 down to 29 trips only. 

"It is true. Project cargo dropped significantly. But, it was covered by the significant growth of other segments. So, overall we are enjoying a very significant growth in production," said Entjen. 

Other segments also varied, some grew up while others down. The data further explained that domestic trucking box experienced a high growth by 568%, from 166 to 1,109 boxes. However, the domestic trucking for container dropped, both of 20 and 40ft. 

IPC Logistics Semarang also enjoyed a growth in its freight forwarding segments. During the period, it enjoyed a very high growth in export and import, except of its air freight import document service. 

For export freight fforwarding, data says, it handled 41 units of 20ft, a 50% increase from 27 units year on year, and 167 boxes of 40ft, a 209% growth from 54 boxes in 2016. Its LCL/air freght (documents) also up by 200%, from 4 to 12.

It handled import of 63 units of 20ft, increasing 91% from 33 units in 2016, and 398 units of 40ft boxes, increasing 784% from 45 boxes in 2016.

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