Damas Jati - , 25/12/2017, 08:29


After running contineously and sustainably for ten years, there is evidence to say that the JICT CSR programs in education, including the programs of pre-school (PAUD), have helped thousands of beneficiaries in North Jakarta.

Tanjung Priok Port remains a landmark not only for North Jakarta, but for the capital city of Jakarta itself, even for this country. More than 60% of Indonesia's trade are via this port, the containerized cargo in particular. JICT (Jakarta International Container Terminal) contributes more than 40% of the container trande at the port, making it as the leading contributor.

Unfortunately, the North Jakarta, on the other hand, is also the face of urban poverty. Data says that this area contributes the highest number of total urban citizens who live under poverty line. Such an ironic since its landmark (Port of Tanjung Priok) creates trillion of Rupiah a year. JICT itself makes more than Rp 3 trillion from its stevedoring activities only, not including the cash this terminal creates to traders, logistics and forwarders, shipping companies, and some related businesses. 

"This has encouraged JICT to run some CSR (corporate social responsibility) programs to the people around this pòrt," Indira Gita Lestari, JICT Corporate Secretary ever said. 

Since 2008, JICT has been continuously and sustainably running some CRS programs, focusing on three main aspects of education, environmental development, and health. Getting a full support from its shareholders, Hutchison Port Holding (HPH) in particular, the JICT CSR program chooses three sub-districs: Tanjung Priok, Koja, and Cilincing as the area focus.

"Our earlier survey recommended that these three sub-districs need improvement in these three aspects," Indira said. 

In addition to those sustainable programs, JICT also provides some incidental charity programs. 

"HPH has high concern with the community development. Hence, it fully support any initiated CSR programs," she said. 

Thousands of Beneficiaries of Education Programs

Among the three aspects, education programs are most sustainable and it has created thousands of beneficiaries. According to Indira, JICT has consistently helped to build the human capacity of the community around the port. 

"Building human capacity, especially to the children around Tanjung Priok, through sustainable education is JICT's commitment. Hence we continue to add more educational facilities, including pre-school (PAUD) facilities," Indira said recently, after visiting some PAUD facilities sponsored by JICT CSR. 

JICT has sponsored as many as 15 PAUD spreading out through three sub-districs of Tanjung Priok, Cilincing, and Koja. 

In addition to PAUD, it also sponsors as many as 6 green dock schools, teens of learning centers as well as scholarship to the children of stevedoring workers around the port. 

More than 15,000 children from the three sub-districs have become beneficiaries of those educational programs. 

"Human capacity building is our concern. Hence, we will add more and more learning centers, PAUD, and dock schools," Indira said last July, after launching of the sixth dock school.

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