Mariana Bahagia Has Launched All Vessels Ordered by Hubla

Damas Jati - , 07/12/2017, 22:52


National shipbuilder PT Mariana Bahagia has launched all six vessels ordered by Ministry of Transportation's Directorate General of Sea Transportation, after the KM Kendaga  Nusantara 4 was launched today, December 7.

This 100 teus containership became the sixth (last) launched out of total six units ordered by Hubla in 2015 from Mariana Bahagia, in a bid to support the government sea toll program and the second containership after, KM Kendhaga Nusantara 13 that was launced last month (November 23).

The KM Kendhaga Nusantara 4 is one total six fleets building orders, including four 2,000 GT coasters and two 100teu containerships, from Ministry of Transportation to Mariana Bahagia for supporting the government’s sea toll program.

The four 2,000 GT coasters have been launched earlier.

The KM Kendhaga Nusantara 4 remains one of total 15 containerships ordered by Ministry of Transportation for the 2015-2017 budget years. Of the total, two containerships were ordered from Mariana Bahagia.

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