Mariana Bahagia Launched 100TEUs Containership for Sea Toll Package

Damas Jati - , 24/11/2017, 14:10


National shipbuilder PT Mariana
Bahagia on Thursday, November 23, launched a 100 Teus (twenty feet equivalent
unit) containership named  KM Kendhaga Nusantara 13 after this sea
toll package vessel has been 85% completed for starting operation planed in
April next year (2018).

The KM Kendhaga Nusantara 13 is one total six fleets building
orders, including four 2,000 GT coasters and two 100teu containerships, from
Ministry of Transportation to Mariana Bahagia for supporting the government’s
sea toll program.

The four 2,000 GT coasters have
been launched earlier, while another one containership, the KM Kendhaga
Nusantara 4 will be launched next month (early December), making Mariana
Bahagia the fastest shipbuilder in completing the orders from the ministry.

Meanwhile, the KM Kendhaga
Nusantara 13 remains one of total 15
containerships ordered by Ministry of Transportation for the 2015-2017 budget
years. Of the total, two containerships were ordered from Mariana Bahagia.

On behalf of Director General of
Sea Transportation, Imam Hambali, Ministry of Transportation’s Inspector
General Region IV, appreciated the Mariana Bahagia that had completed the
orders before the deadline.


“This is a very good
achievement. We appreciate it very much,” Imam Hambali said in his remark
speech on the KM Kendhaga Nusantara 13 Launching
at the Mariana Bahagia dock in Palembang.

As reported earlier, in 2015,
the government ordered as many as 100 fleets to support the sea toll program,
including 25 coasters 2,000GT and 15 containerships. According to the contract,
all the vessel buildings should be ready by the end of 2017. But, then the
government extended the deadline until April 2018.

Yonhlee W. Sutjipto, President
Director of PT Mariana Bahagia explained KM Kendhaga Nusantara 13 remains the fifth vessel that have been
launched by Mariana Bahagia, of total six units ordered by the government. One
more fleet, the KM Kendhaga Nusantara 4 (the sixth of total and the second
containership) will be launched on December 4.

“Thanks to the government who
has trusted us (Mariana Bahagia) to
get the order and involved us in supporting the government’s sea toll program,”
Yonhlee said.

He explained that the KM
Kendhaga Nusantara 13 has been 85% ready for operation. “A vessel is 100% ready
after handover process,” he explained in answering question when this vessel is
100% ready.

“Physically this vessel is
ready. But, she needs some documents before declaring 100% ready,” he said.

Yonhlee further explained that
Mariana Bahagia facilities and dock capacity have supported to fast complete
the construction. “Our capacity is absolutely ready for this vessels
construction,” he said. He expects to be again involved in the next government’s
orders. “Our capacity is more than enough, even for the building of bigger
vessels,” he said. 

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