Damas Jati - , 07/10/2017, 14:01


In supporting the program of its parent company PT Pelindo II/IPC to operate container freight station (CFS) center in Tanjung Priok Port, PT MTI underlined that its facilities of yard and warehouses have been improved to support it, while the systems are ready to be adjusted with the operational of the CFS. 

"The existing systems are ready to be adjusted to be in line with the operation of CFS center," explained MTI Finance Director Miftahul Huda. 

Recently, IPC Direction Board took a final check  over the facilities, declaring that IPC is ready to run CFS Center at Tanjung Priok Port, saying the MTI facilities of yard and warehouses are ready for it.

As the report said, on October 5, IPC President Director Elvyn G Masassya, acompanied by Commercial Director Saptono Rahayu Irianto, Operation Director Prasetyadi, and MTI Finance and HRD Director visited the CDC Banda Warehouse to check the facilities and system.

CFS Center will be run at some Tanjung Priok warehouses, including CDC Banda Warehous, 222X Warehouse, and Agung Raya Public Warehouse (APW). These CFS Centers will further be managed by Tanjung Priok Branch.

Elvyn explained the reason behind the program, saying CFS Center in Tanjung Priok remains the first in Indonesia, expecting the program will help logistics activities to be more efficient and effective.

"We hope MTI to prepare both facilities and system to be in line with the operational of CFS Center," Elvyn recalled.

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