​MUA Condemns Hutchison Indonesia Crackdown on JICT Union

Damas Jati - , 01/11/2017, 13:00


Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) has condemned a crackdown by Hutchison Indonesia that has cost the injustice and rights cut to more than 500 of JICT's workers in Jakarta.

"MUA and ports under Hutchison operations in Australia reject all forms of violence and rights abuses, including the retaliation to JICT Union who seek to exercise their rights and justice  during strike last August," said Paddy Crumlin, National Secretary of MUA.  

Paddy said in a statement during MUA national council on Wednesday. Paddy says Maritime Union  of Australia expressed their deep concerns to  JICT union struggle against the ruthless attack by Hutchison Indonesia. 

MUA was calling on Hutchison in Indonesia to restrain themselves so as not to exarcebate the situation, he added. MUA had also called upon the wharfies in Australia to urgently take part on campaigns to stop the violence by Hutchison Indonesia, Paddy further stressed. 

The Hutchison ports in Indonesia has increased its intimidation to the JICT union following the unlawful Hutchison's extention, which began investigated by Indonesia Anti-Corruption Commission (KPK).  

Several attempts by JICT management to crack down union are 541 warning letters, removal of union activists from office and dozens of police report due to industrial actions in an act of retaliation against the union members who exercise their right of justice.

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