Pelindo Develops Kotabaru Seaport

Reza Maulana - , 17/07/2017, 07:00


The Indonesian Seaport Management Company, PT Pelindo III Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan continues to develop several ports in the province, including Kotabaru and Tanah Bumbu to support the improvement of services and economic growth.
General Manager of Pelindo III Banjarmasin, Fariz Hariyoso, here on Thursday said the development of the ports is aimed at improving economic growth, while improving services for the people and investors.

"We will continue to improve the services of loading and unloading of goods, and transport to other provinces and even to various countries," he said.

Currently, the government is also building Swarangan seaport in Tanah Laut district to facilitate the process of transporting various export commodities produced in the area.

In addition to developing the port, PT. Pelindo III also continues to complete seaport facilities with a variety of advanced equipment.

According to Fariz, to support the loading and unloading activities currently there are six container cranes and 16 rubber tired gantry cranes operating. "In addition, we also add some other supporting tools to speed up the loading and unloading process," he said.

Each year over 30,000 boxes per month are transported and shipped through the port, making it one of the dense seaport in Kalimantan.(antara)

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