Players Do Not Mind with Lower-Limit Tariff Initiation

- , 28/02/2017, 16:54


Directorate General of Sea Transportation is planning to set up lower limit tariff (freight rate) on sea transportation to anticipate tariff war that may disturb the shipping business. Shipping players do not mind and are ready to facilitate the formulation process
Ministry of Transportation’s Directorate General of Sea Transportation has just initiated to set up regulation on the lower-limit tariff (freight rate) for sea cargo shipping in a bid to anticipate an unfair tariff competition among players.
The directorate’s shipping director Bay M. Hasani underlined that there was an indication of unfair competition among players in which the medium- and smaller-players were suffered by such practice.
“Many, especially those of medium- and smaller-shipping lines, have expressed their worries and complained about this unfair business practice,” Bay said on February 8, 2017.
He said, many shipping lines have charged the freight rate far lower than the Terminal Handling Charge (THC). “Even, we heard that some shipping lines took free of charge,” he said.

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