Damas Jati - , 23/08/2017, 11:52


Oraginizational Board of PPBMI ( Persatuan Pengusaha  Bongkar Muat Indonesia) - an organization of  owners of stevedoring companies was inaugurated today, August 23, at Mercure Hotel Ancol.

As many as 60 member of boards totaling of boards of headquarter (DPP) and boards of regional offices (DPW) througout the country were officially inaugurated to lead the organization.

PPBMI Chairman Epyardi Asda in his remark speech explained the reason behind this organization establishment, saying PPBMI came from an awareness to improve existence of stevedoring companies and  optimize their role of in supporting the national economy development.

"This has passed a long  story. The idea raised several months ago. Then, in April, through our first national congress in Bali (April 21-22), we declared this organization," said Epyardi.

Epyardi, who is also member of House of Representative (DPR)'s Commission V in Transportation underlined that stevedoring companies are now facing problem of existence as they lost more opportunities due to competition with BUP (port operators) that are also allowed to do stevedoring activities.

"I am sorry to say that we are facing a problem of existence," he said, quoting the article 344 point 3 of Shipping Act No 17/2008 in which it preveledges and allows state port operators to do stevedoring activities at their ports (under their concession).

In addition, Epyardi who is also owner of Kaluku Group, a company in which one of the business unit is stevedoring, underlined that this organization is also mean to support how to increase the role of stevedoring companies in Indonesia to  support a more efficient logistics.

"One important thing that will become our concern is how to get equal treatment in doing business," he said.

Epyardi disagrees with the opinions saying that this organization is a rival of association of stevedoring companies APBMI. "It is not true that we are rivals. APBMI is organisation of stevedoring companies, while we (PPBMI) is organisation of owners," he said.

The inauguration was witnessed by government representatives including Chairman of DPR Commission V Jemy Francis, Expert Staff for Minister of Transportation Buyung Lalana, and some representatives from other associations.

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