Private Shipbuilders Call For Equal Treatment in Pertamina Vessel Orders

Damas Jati - , 02/10/2017, 12:55


The national shipbuilders send a high appreciation to state owned oil company PT Pertamina on its plan to order vessel procurement from national shipbuilders, but private shipbuilders call for an equal treatment, urging Pertamina to open the bidding not only to state owned shipbuilders but also to private ones.

The private shipbuilders expressed their upset, knowing that PT Pertamina opened bidding for vessel procurement to state owned shipbuilders only without private participation. They said, this dichotomy was not good for a healthy business.

"We are so upset with it,” commends Yonhlee W. Sutipto, President Director of PT Mariana Bahagia, one of the national private shipbuilder, relating the issue.

Yonhlee noted that to get a qualified product with a best price, any vessel procurement from a state firm like Pertamina should be run in an open bidding, participating both private and state owned shipbuilders.

"The private companies are also owned and run by Indonesia citizens. Even, there is evidence to say that the private shipbuilders have given high contribution to the state income through tax. Why we don’t get similar treatment,” Yonhlee said.

As the report said, PT Pertamina (Persero) had signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with state owned shipbuilders member of National Shipbuilding & Heavy Industries (NSHI), including PT PAL Indonesia (Persero), PT Dok dan Perkapalan Kodja Bahari (Persero), PT Dok dan Perkapalan Surabaya (Persero), PT Industri Kapal Indonesia (Persero), PT Barata Indonesia (Persero), and PT Djakarta Lloyd (Persero).

The MoU indicates that Pertamina will order 7 units of vessels worth US$ 20 -30 million from those state owned shipbuilders.

Unfortunately, Minister of State Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Rini Soemarno, who has extensively been promoting a partnership program among state owned companies, appreciated such framework, expecting that this framework will help the state owned shipbuilders to increase their productivity.

She expressed her pride over the MoU, saying: “Pertamina has ordered many vessels. Why it did not order from state owned shipbuilders?" she said in question.

Another contacted source told Indonesia Shipping Gazette that this is such an unfair business practice and would potentially break a good business relationship between Pertamina and the private companies that have a long standing cooperation.

Moreover, some private national shipbuilders have become good partners of Pertamina in building their tankers.

Data says that some Pertamina’s crude oil tanker 17,500 LTDW were built by private shipbuilders of PT Anggrek Hitam, PT Multi Ocean Shipyard, and PT Daya Radar Utama.

Earlier, some national private shipbuilders were also upset as some state owned companies ordered vessel building from foreign shipbuilding which is not in line with government vision to make the country as the world maritime axis and breaking the Presidential Decree (Ipres) No 2/2009 on using domestic product.

"The most important is that the national shipbuilders are expecting the government to urge all state owned companies to prioritize the domestic industries, both state owned or private owned," Yonhlee said.


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