Damas Jati - , 28/12/2017, 14:41


More than 1,000 transport workers from several unions joint the rally (demonstration) in front Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) office today (December 28) on demanding to cancel the JICT decision to lay-off more than 400 RTGC (rubber tyred gantry crane) operators. 

Emil Salim, General Secretary of JICT outsourcing operators (SPC) union told Indonesia Shipping Gazette more than 1000 transport workers including from SPC, JICT Union (SP JICT), Pelindo II/IPC Union (SPPI II), and some Transportation Unions joint the rally today. "We urge JICT management to cancel its policy to terminate employment contract," he said, adding that the unions will escalate the rally until JICT management agree with what they demand.  

Even, the unions treatened to blockade the Port of Tanjung Priok if there will be a deadlock until the deadline on December 31. 

As reported earlier, JICT management has decided to appoint new vendor – PT. Multi Tally Indonesia (MTI) – to replace the existing one – PT Emco as the outsourcing management party to supply RTGC operators. "The new vendor, MTI, wants to replace all operators with new recruitment. This is unfair and it breaks the law and regulation," Emil said. 

"There is hidden agenda behind the decision. JICT management wants to lay-off all the 400 operators," Emil underlined.

As reported earlier, some transportation workers' unions have joint with SPC to stand against this policy.  

Two days before the rally starting, all  the unions released a joint statement on protesting the decision. Chairman of JICT Union (SP JICT) Hazris Malsyah noted the decision is potentially breaking the law and regulation. Quoting the decree of minister of worker and transmigration (Permenakertrans) No 19/2012 article 19 point (2), the new vendor should be ready to employ workers from the previous vendor.

“The JICT’s policy should refer to the existing law and regulation,” Hazris said.

Echoing the views, Nofal Hayin, Chairman of Pelindo II/IPC Union (SPPI II) said that this is a part of doing union busting. “I wonder they are threatened with massive lay-off because they join in a union,” Nofal said.

Acting Chairman of Federation of Indonesia Port Workers Union (FPPI) Nova Sofyan Hakim urged the JICT management board and the new vendor (PT MTI) to employ the existing 400 operators. 

He even called for abolition of outsourcing system and asked to recruit those operators to be organic staff of JICT. “The outsourcing system at the ports should be abolished,” Nova said.

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