PTP to Overtake Banten and Panjang Break Bulk Handling Early Next Year

Damas Jati - , 05/10/2017, 12:35


PT Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok, a subsidiary of PT Pelindo II/IPC, will overtake the handling of break bulk cargoes at all IPC branch ports with capacity over one million tons a year. 

This policy is taken in a bid to standardize the service in break bulk handling, thus giving a maximum satisfaction to end user, according to IPC Director for Development of  Subsidiaries and Branches Riry Zetta.

Though the policy is causing an internal pro cons as some branch ports' management boards implicitly have shouted a dissenting opinion, but it will not cancel this policy. 

"This is a policy and decision from headquarter. Some probably disagree like the management of branch ports, but this is the corporate decision. This is a final decision," Riri noted.

"It is easier to realize standardization in service whenever those terminals or ports are run by one operator," he said. 

PTP, he said, will start to handle break bulk stevedoring at the ports with capacity over 1 million tons per annum in January next year (2018). "No more cancellation, anyone must follow the rule and the policy of headquarter," he said in answering question weather this will provide disagreement from some branch ports management. 

According to data, in addition to Tanjung Priok Port, there are two other ports with capacity exceeding 1 million tons a year i.e. Banten Port and Panjang Port. "PTP will start to handle break bulk at the two ports (Banten and Panjang) early next year," Riri explained. 

Riri explained that in line with the corporate policy, in the future, PTP will focus to handle all break bulk cargoes at all IPC ports, while the container will be handled by IPC TPK, a subsidiary focusing on container terminals that handling all IPC ports (terminals) with yearly capacity over 50,000 TEUS. 

"For the time being, the ports with capacity lower than 1 million tons will still be handled by branch ports (usters)," Riri said, adding that in addition to standardize the service, this policy is also expected to trigger the growth of break bulk volume at all IPC ports.

And to support PTP to get focus on break bulk handling, beginning January 2018, the handling of container in Tanjung Priok Port will be handed over to IPC TPK.  "In parallel with the new business, all container handling in Tanjung Priok, including in Terminal 3, will be run by IPC TPK," said Riri. 

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