Sea Transportation Needs a Figure to Bring Change 

Damas Jati - , 13/10/2017, 13:35


Business players appreciate the government policy to open opportunity for Director General of Sea Transportation to public. Further, they hail for the process, saying it has run in objective and transparent process. 

Eddy Ganefo, chairman of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN),  said the government has taken a very appropriate policy for the directorate and made the selection process according to the principles of auction.

He noted the principles for the selection  and auction for public apparatus, saying: "The process should support for 'the right man on the right  place."

He said what the ministry of transportation has done is to support it. He also appreciated the fit and proper test that had been done in accauntable, objectives, and transparent process.

"We support and appreciate this process as it has run very objectively and transparently," he said.

"Whenever we choose an auction as a method, we expect for the best auction winner. And, we hope the best bidder for it," he said in analogy.  

And, Eddy expects for a professional decision who will be the winner of the auction, according to the result of fit and proper test, of course, without any political intervention and partial interest. 

"The candidates competence and loyality should be on top consideration for making decision," he said.

As reported earlier, the process of selection saved the three last-standing candidates, including President Director of PT Arial Niaga Nusantara Johnson W. Sutjipto, President Director of PT INKA (Persero) Agus Purnomo, Secretary of Directorate General of Sea Transportation Dwi Budi Sutrisno. They have been passed the last test of interview and waited for the final decision that would be announced soon. 

The three have various and different background. As reported earlier, Johnson W. Sutjipto is the only one from private company, but he has extensive background in shipping industry, both in shipping trade and shipbuilding.  Agus Purnomo has a background in state owned enterprises, while Dwi Budi Santoso has a extensive experience in the sea transportation directorate since he is from the internal institution.

General Secretary of Ministry of Transport ation Sugihardjo explained this policy is taken to find the very right person to lead the directorate general of sea transportation. 

"Why we open this to public, including non-PNS (non-public servant personnel), because we want to get the best figure to lead this directorate," Sugihardjo said recently (October 12).

Sugihardjo underlined that the directorate needs a strong, capable, and right figure to lead as many as 30,000 staff throughout the country. 

"This is a big organization. It needs a figure with strong leadership and high integrity to bring change," he said. 

He affirmed that this remains a new model as former directors were directly appointed.

He also affirmed the non-PNS candidates are accepted, but they will be approved with a presidential decree (SK).

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