Labor Union of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (SPPI II) is urging the Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) Direction Board to recall the two ‘warning letters’ (SP 1 and 2) that they have sent to JICT staff that joint the five days strike from 3 to 7 August.

Chairman of SPPI II Nofal Hayin said yesterday, Wednesday, August 9, the two warning letters, including the SP 2 signed by JICT HR Director Ida Daryaningsih and sent one day after the strike end, was potential to again heat up the situation that had been conducive. In addition, it breaks the Law No 13/2013 on Employment, the article 144, in particular.

Nofal reminds the JICT direction board not to provoke the situation, saying it is potential to disturb the activities of Tanjung Priok – the main gateway of Indonesia’s trade activity  that had started to run normal after the strike.

“We are not sure this is in accordance with the policy of IPC direction board as the parent company and owner of JICT. Hence, we urge the JICT direction board to recall those letters.”

“Those warning letters are contra-productive with what have been done by many parties to keep the Priok condition conducive.”

The SP1and SP2, of total three warning letters that can eventually end with the workers’ dismissal, will threaten workers with salary and bonus cut by 10% and 30% respectively.

A meeting involving the JICT Union, Port Authority, Local Government Employment Board of North Jakarta (Sudinaker Jakut), and Port Council on the same day, Wednesday, August 9, also recommended for withdrawal of the warning letter 2 (SP2).  

The meeting conducted at the Sudinaker Jakut. Unfortunately, the JICT Direction Board was absent. Head of Tanjung Priok Port Authority I Nyoman Gede Saputra, SP JICT Chairman Nova Sofyan Hakim, as well as Port Council Chairman joint the meeting.

Author: Damas Jati