Support the Acceleration of Logistics Business Process, Subsidiaries of BUMN

Damas Jati - , 21/08/2017, 12:57


Amid the demands of faster and more efficient business processes to reduce logistics costs, logistics providers respond to this by providing total logistics service (one stop service), which includes warehousing, transporting and freight forwarding services, which is a unity and inseparable. To support all aspects mentioned, it needs an integrated service. In line with this, the field of information technology also continues to develop and allows to be implemented in support of business actors in accelerating business processes.

Facing these needs and opportunities, PT EDI Indonesia (subsidiary of PT Pelindo II / IPC) as e-Business Provider and PT BerdikariLogistik Indonesia (a subsidiary of PT Berdikari (Persero)) as business actors in the logistics world agreed to establish cooperation and Synergize to develop business and application systems. For the initial phase, will be implemented e-Seal application used to secure the transportation of goods from the port to Temporary Shelter (Tempat Penimbunan Sementara) owned by PT Berdikari. In addition, e-Seal application will be implemented as well for domestic non port.

This is stated in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) by both parties conducted on 7 August 2017 at the Head Office of PT EDII, Jakarta. The signing of this MoU is part of a series of activities and follow-up of the launching of five new EDII products that have been implemented in Customer Gathering event end of May 2017. This time EDII took one of the subsidiaries of state-owned PT Berdikari for cooperation in business development and application system which is dedicated to support business processes in the field of logistics.

According to President Director of EDII, E HelmiWantono, the purpose of this agreement is to realize the work program of the company that always make the synergy. “As a subsidiary of owned state company, EDII will continue to seek cooperation with fellow companies in the environment of BUMN in order to realize synergy programs between companies or subsidiaries,” he said.

The next implementation, Helmi continued, is the implementation project of e-Seal, SCM, e-Commerce and other systems related to logistics. The next step will implementing SCM and e-Commerce applications for easier transaction and increase business process speed, Continued Helmi. SCM applications that will be implemented are applications that support the logistics process chain from upstream to downstream. While e-commerce applications that will also be implemented is a digital trading application that also contains transactions in the world of logistics

The hope and optimism also revealed from the President Director of PT BerdikariLogistik Indonesia, AgusSubrata, “As a company engaged in logistics, temporary hoarding services, land transportation services, warehousing and inter island services, Berdikari belief that with The implementation of this cooperation we will be able to improve the service to customers our service users, ‘’ he concluded.***

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