Top Three Candidates for Director General of Sea Transportation Goes to ……

Damas Jati - , 06/10/2017, 11:35


Minister of Transportation has just released the top three candidates, of total 15 that were called for assessment test, to go to the last step test (interview) before the ministry will crown one of them to lead the directorate.

The release names the three last-standing candidates, including President Director of PT Arial Niaga Nusantara Johnson W. Sutjipto, President Director of PT INKA (Persero) Agus Purnomo, Secretary of Directorate General of Sea Transportation Dwi Budi Sutrisno. They have passed the assessment test conducted by PPM Management Institute on September 26-27.  

The three have various and different background. As reported earlier, Johnson W. Sutjipto is the only one from private company, but he has extensive background in shipping industry, both in shipping trade and shipbuilding.  Agus Purnomo has a background in state owned enterprises, while Dwi Budi Santoso has a extensive experience in the sea transportation directorate since he is from the internal institution.

According to the release, the three will go to the interview test on October 10-11.

As reported earlier, there are as many as 15 candidates to run for the Director General of Sea Transportation. They come from different background, but still dominated by apparatus from several ministries.

However, some candidates are from outsider, including from state owned companies and private corporate.

The ministries, including Ministry of Transportation, Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs, and Ministry of Economy sent as many as 10 candidates in total.

Ministry of Transportation itself sent most candidates, reaching seven candidates, including Head of Banten Port Authority (KSOP Banten) Abdul Azis, Navigation Director I Nyoman Sukayadnya ; Cost Guard Director Marwansyah, Secretary of Directorate General of Sea Transportation Dwi Budi Sutrisno, and Port Affairs Director Chandra Irawan.

In addition two more apparatus from the Ministry’s institutions are Head of Shipping Court Sugeng Wibowo and Head of School of Shipping STIP Capt. Sahattua Simatupang.

Two other candidates from the government ministries are including Rusli Rahim and Tulus Hutagalung, the deputies at Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Ministry of Economy.

Academic entity also sends a candidate i.e Sudirman Saad , a lecturer at Law Faculty, University of Hasanuddin, Makassar.

The state owned companies send three candidates including President Director of PT INKA (Persero) Agus Purnomo, President Director of PT Multi Terminal Indonesia Tony Hajar Andenoworih, and Head of Commercial PT New Priok Container Terminal One (NPCT1) Bambang Sabekti.

Johnson W. Sutjipto remains the only one from private company.


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