Transport Ministry to Make Baubau Port Hub for West, East Indonesia

- , 28/02/2017, 16:58


Minister of Transport Budi Karya Sumadi says Murhum Port of Baubau is worth to become the Hub between western and eastern Indonesia.
This is because many ships from the island of Java which are heading Ambon or Papua visited the Port Murhum of Baubau.
"Baubau is worth of being the hub of a connectivity between western and eastern Indonesia, indicated with many ships from Java, Makassar towards Ambon and Papua through this way which means we have to ensure the operation here goes well," said Budi when inspecting the Port Murhum of Baubau Sunday (2/19/2017).
Specifically he emphasized to the port management that the container yard facilities in the Murhum Port of Baubau need to be expanded. Murhum port has two container yards on the West and East covering an area of 6,000 and 8,700 square meters each.

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