Unions Stand Against the JICT Policy to Lay-off 400 Crane Operators

Damas Jati - , 27/12/2017, 10:32


As many as 10,000 workers from some transportation labor unions stand against the Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) policy to lay-off as many as 400 crane operators, following its decision to appoint new vendor – PT. Multi Tally Indonesia (MTI) – to replace the existing one – PT Emco as the outsourcing management party to for crane and other container terminal’s equipments operator at JICT.


The unions distrust with the decision, saying an indication of conspiracy to fire the existing 400 operators and a way of doing union busting.


As reported earlier, JICT appointed a new vendor – PT MTI – to replace the existing one – PT Emco as the outsourcing management party to supply operators of crane and other container terminal’s equipments at JICT. But unions of SPC (union of JICT outsourcing container operators) and SP JICT blame the JICT direction board of its intervention to the tender and selection process. 


Even, the unions suspect that there is a hidden agenda behind the tender process in a bid to fire the existing 400 crane operators. According to the unions, the direction board has done intervention in the bidding process and has instructed the vendor winner - PT MTI - not to hire the existing operators but to do new recruitment. 


SP JICT and SPC stand against this, saying the direction board decision is subjective and not based on the real need for terminal productivity. 


The recruitment of new operators, mostly zero experience in operating cranes and RTGs, proved that the decision is emotional, according to union. The union question why the PT MTI and JICT not recruiting the existing operators who have proved their productivity.


As many as 480 crane operators, member of SPC union have been employed as outsourcing crane operators by JICT for many years. They are skillful and having extensive experience in operating cranes and other container terminal equipments.


"These outsourcing workers have proved their productivity, giving this terminal as the best container terminal, not only in Indonesia, but in Asia. They have provided significant contribution in improving this terminal performance and to support JICT to make trillion of income in the last years. How can JICT take this decision?" Sabar Royani, Chairman of SPC Union said in a joint statement released yesterday (Tuesday, December 26).


Chairman of JICT union (SP JICT) Hazris Malsyah noted the decision is potentially breaking the law and regulation. Quoting the decree of minister of worker and transmigration (Permenakertrans) No 19/2012 article 19 point (2), the new vendor should be ready to employ workers from the previous vendor.


“The JICT’s policy should refer to the existing law and regulation,” Hazris said.


Echoing the views, Nofal Hayin, Chairman of Pelindo II/IPC Union (SPPI II) said that this is a part of doing union busting. “I wonder they are threatened with massive lay-off because they join in a union,” Nofal said.


Acting Chairman of Federation of Indonesia Port Workers Union (FPPI) Nova Sofyan Hakim urged the JICT management board and the new vendor (PT MTI) to employ the existing 400 operators. 


He even called for abolition of outsourcing system and asked to recruit those operators to be organic staff of JICT. “The outsourcing system at the ports should be abolished,” Nova said.


Meanwhile, Ilham, Chairman of Federation of Indonesia Transportation Workers’ Union explained that there is an indication of massive union busting policy taken by some companies in the sector of transportation in Indonesia. He said, there is the same model between what JICT crane operators is facing with the ones experienced by the drivers at the state owned oil company PT Pertamina.


“These are embryo of union busting. We are standing against those policies,” said Ilham.


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