What Does Shipping Community Expect from the New Sea Transportation Dirjend?

Damas Jati - , 07/11/2017, 10:52


The Indonesia shipping community says welcome the new Director General (Dirjend) of Sea Transportation, saying they are ready to cooperate with and will support any programs and policy that he will take in building the country’s shipping industry. However, they also noted some works that he should accomplish as soon as possible.

As the report said, the Ministry of Transportation finally appointed Agus H. Purnomo, President Director of PT INKA, as the new director for Sea Transportation, after he joined the top three candidates together with Johnson W. Sutjipto, President Director of PT Arial Niaga Nusantara, and Dwi Budi Sutrisno former Secretary of Directorate General of Sea Transportation Dwi Budi Sutrisno.

"We are ready to cooperate with the new Dirjend, in supporting the national shipping industry growth,” said Johnson W. Sutjipto.

Carmelita Hartoto also sent her appreciation, also saying readiness to cooperate in supporting the national shipping industry growth.

Johnson and Carmelita, in fact, are still in dispute relating Indonesia National Shipowners’ Association (both are still claiming as chairman), causing the Indonesia shipping community divided into two camps - a half are Johnson supporters and a half are Carmelita’s.

However, though still in dispute, both have similar expectation from the new director general. Johnson noted some challenges the new director general will face and that should be taken into account, such as aligning some policies with international practice, human resources improvement at the directorate, IT implementation, infrastructure development, and any policies relating tariff.

Hence, Johnson calls for the internal support from any parties within the directorate.

As one of the top three participants, Johnson appreciates the selection team (TPA) that has decided a definitive director. He expects this opening bidding system will bring change within the directorate in particular and at the ministry in general and become a new tradition for the next selections.

Just like Johnson, Carmelita also highlighted some works that should be completed by the new director general immediately. “Some challenges that should be immediately overcome among others are finalization of policies relating guards on national commercial vessels/ships, implementation of Non Convention Vessel Standard (NCVS), and optimizing sea toll program,” Carmelita said.

She said the national shipping players, including INSA, are ready to build synergy and partnership with the government.

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