11th Co-Operation Forum Singapore

Luthfil Hadi - Jakarta, 28/09/2018, 11:30


On Monday, September 24th 2018, 3 coastal nation around the Strait of Malacca and Strait of Singapore (SOMS) held a meeting. The meeting took the name of 11th Co-Operation Forum Singapore, and was held in Singapore. This forum was first held on 2007. The 3 coastal natioan are Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

This Co-Operation Forum is one of the pillar for Co-Operation Mechanism on Shipping Safety and the Protection of Marine Environment in SOMS. Indonesian Director General of Sea Transportation, Agus H. Purnomo was the head of delegation for Indonesian delegation. Agus said that since the establishment of the forum on 2007, there are many cooperation that has been done.

Before this 11th forum was held, there were other event that took place. Those event are the 21st meeting for Aids to Navigation Fund (ANF), Tripartite Technical Expert Group (TTEG) and 11th Project Coordination Committee (PCC). Indonesia has special agenda on TTEG. That agenda was to encourage the establishment of ‘Pemanduan Luar Biasa’ managed by operator from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. The aim is to tackle the issue of Voluntary Pilotage Services in SOMS. Indonesia has finished the Draft SN Circular to be delivered to the IMO in order to obtain approval for the ‘Pemanduan Luar Biasa’.

Co-Operation Forum

The cooperation forum is a forum for the shipping industries, related stakeholder, and countries that use the services in SOMS to discuss related issues in the area. The main issues are shipping safety and maritime protection. Aside from the 3 coastal nation, there are also the delegation from services user countries. The countries that sent their delegation are Japan, South Korea, Greece, Nigeria, New Zealand, Vietnam, and Denmark. There was also the delegation from international organization such as IALA, Malacca Strait Council (MSC), and EMSA.

More than a discussing forum, this forum also encourage dialog and exchange of view on the issues in SOMS. Moreover, this forum also aims to routinely gather suggestion from SOMS users. It also facilitates the cooperation of related parties involved with SOMS. The related parties are the coastal nation, user nation, shipping industries, and involved stakeholder. The cooperation mainly focussing in the sector of shipping’s safety and marine protection around SOMS.

The 11th forum was opened with playing the video of 10 years journey of cooperation mechanism. After playing the video, the forum was opened with the speech of Singapore’s Coordinating Minister of Infrastructure and Minister of Transportation, Mr. Khaw Boon Wan.

In this event, the head of delegation from the 3 coastal nation perform and informal meeting. The meeting mainly discussed the issues of SOMS and resulted in the 3 coastal nation agreement to look back to the project of Marine Environment Highway that has been done since 2014.

The role of Indonesia

Indonesia has an important role in the MEH project. The role is that Indonesia serves as the Data Center for MEH. The Data Center which is located in Batam shows that Indonesia is actively participating in maintaining and supporting the improvement to the next phase.

Not only in MEH, Indonesia also actively participating in guiding activity on SOMS area. Indonesia through PT. Pelindo 1 has been giving guidance for ships passing through SOMS since March 2017.

Furthermore, Indonesia also introduce some initiative to improve SOMS safety and cleanliness. The initiative came in the form of maintenance and replacement for shipping navigation aids (SBNP) and the study of navigational safety and maritime environment protection blue print.

Indonesian Directorate General of Sea Transportation

Agus said, “The implementation of Marine Electronic Highway by the coastal nation as the embryo of E-Navigation, continuous improvement on the related facility, and many initiative related to marine environment protection, shows that the coastal nation, support from stakeholder, works together to ensure a safe travel for the ships, and on the other hand it also gives attention to maritime environment protection. Issues on pollution responses and preparedness, practical approach, greenhouse gases, and sustainable shipping, are also become Indonesia’s focus.”

Agus also said that Indonesia’s commitment for maritime issues is high. Especially the commitment on the issue shipping safety and maritime environment protection on the area of SOMS. Indonesia also committed to cooperate by introducing some initiative, such as SBNP and the study on navigational safety blue print along with the maritime environment protection.





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