8 Shipyard Unable to Complete 26 Ships on Time

Luthfil Hadi - Jakarta, 22/10/2018, 22:30


Indonesian government has ordered 150 ships to many shipyards. Those shipyards are the member of Indonesian Ship Industries and Offshore Companies Association (Iperindo). Consisting of both State-Owned Companies and Private Companies, Iperindo assist the shipyard in dealing with the government. The ships that was ordered by the government will be used to serve the sea toll route in Indonesia.

From 150 ships that was ordered, there are 26 ships that has not been completed yet. Referring to the contract between the shipyards and the government, the due date to deliver the ships has long passed. According to the contract, the ships was due in April 31st 2018.

Iperindo as the association of shipyards denies that their member failed to construct the remaining 26 ships. They said that 8 shipyards which are responsible for the construction of those 26 ships has nearly completed the construction. The condition of the 26 ships are mostly 90% completed. These statement was said by Iperindo’s DPP Secretary, Askan Naim. The progress report of the 26 ships served as a proof that the shipyards weren’t fail in constructing the ships, only late to complete the construction.

The director of National Marine Institute (Namarin), Siswanto Rusdi feels concerned with the delay done by the 8 shipyards. He asks the Ministry of Transportation to do some audit to find out the reason for the delay. This is because the shipyards obtained the order through tender, so it was needed to know the reason why the tender winner was unable to finish the project in due time.

Indonesia Maritime Logistic and Transportation Watch (IMLOW) said that the project needs the synergy between every related parties and stakeholders. Through their Secretary General, Achmad Ridwan Tento, IMLOW said that if there were problem on the construction process, the shipyards should have asked the helps from related agency or stakeholders to prevent the delay. The delay is a proof that there are not enough cooperation and synergy between related parties and the stakeholders on this project. IMLOW hopes that the government could soon come with the solution for this problem.

“What is the main reason for the delay? If there were problems in procuring the material or other ships components that are mostly imported, there should already a cooperation and synergy between related agencies since the beginning of the project,” said Achmad Ridwan Teto.

According to Iperindo’s letter to President Joko Widodo, the delay in completing the 26 ships was caused by the 8 shipyards. The problem from the 8 shipyards came from internal and external problems and caused them to delay the project completion.

In accordance with the presidential decree on procurement of goods and services, the 8 shipyards which are late to deliver the ships on due time will be fined. The fine will be calculated from April 31st 2018, the time the contract ended.

Iperindo, in their letter to President Joko Widodo also asked for time extension for the 8 shipyards. They asked to extend the delivering time until December 2018 and request fines relief for the 8 shipyards.




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