AKKMI Urges the Ministry of Transportation to Prepare Container Inspection Implementation Manual

Luthfil Hadi - Jakarta, 27/09/2018, 13:43

*Sato M Bisri

Association of Indonesian Maritime Safety and Security Expert (AKKMI) said that the ministry of transportation needs to prepare the regulation on technical manual and executor of container feasibility inspection activities, along with the Verification of Gross Mass (VGM).

AKKMI's Chairman, Capt. Sato M. Bisri said that the technical manual and implementation manual for container inspection is a derivative regulation after the Ministry of Transportation Regulation Number: 53/2018 on Container's Feasibility and Verified Gross Mass which was issued on June 7th 2018.

"So that there is no confusion in its implementation, the policy needs a technical and implementation manual. Furthermore, the Ministry of Transportation to intensively socialized PM 53/2018 before the implementation on early 2019," said Sato on Thursday, September 27th 2018.

Sato who is the former Tanjung Priok's Port Administration Chief said that AKKMI accommodates the active professional of the maritime safety and security sector that has a background of bureaucratic, academics, ship captain, and Indonesian ports and sea transport business practitioner.

Sato affirmed that the technical and implementation manual is needed so every elements involved with the policy could understand by referring to international rules about Convention for Save Containers (CSC) 1972 and the effective regulation in Indonesia.
"So the appointed inspector will be able to supervise the container's feasibility according to their competence," said Sato.

To ensure the safety of shipping, every container that is used as part of transport equipment have to fulfil the CSC 1972 requirements, that is, the container must be equipped with pass mark in the form of safety approval plate which is permanently attached to an easily visible place and not easily broken.
According to Sato, as an International community effort to achieve zero shipping accident, Indonesia has ratified the CSC1972 convention through the Presidential Decree Number 33/1989 along with Statute Number 17/2008 about Shipping, which became the legal protection for the requirements of the container feasibility in accordance with article 149 paragraph 910.

The obligation in the shipping statute about container feasibility is an absolute requirement that has to be met by every stakeholders in providing the safety and security guarantees.

"So neglecting this stipulation will have legal implication, we will even be accused by the international community to be inconsistent in interpreting CSC72." Sato also said, in principle, the CSC 1972 international convention aims to ensure the safety level and to homogenize the container feasibility procedure in the global shipping world.

Previously, the Secretary General of Indonesia Maritime Logistics and Transportation Watch (IMLOW), Achmad Ridwan Tento urged the need to strictly enforce the law against violation of container feasibility as mandated by statute number 17/2008 about shipping.

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