Aptrindo Expects Trucking Operational Halt Not Too Long

Damas Jati - Jakarta, 23/06/2018, 19:07

*Kyatman Lookman

Indonesian Trucking Business Association (Aptrindo) asks the government not to halt logistics truck operational too long in next year’s Iedl Fitri holiday period.

Deputy Chairman of Aptrindo for Distribution and Logistics Division, Kyatman Lookman talked about it regarding the road traffic condition that seemingly went smoothly dirong 2018 Iedl Fitri holiday season.

He also expected that Eid Al-Fitri holiday planning ideally should be set earlier, so that logistics business would be able to anticipate their operational activity.

“For next year, I think it’s not necessary to be halted for too long,” Kyatman Lookman said recently.

According to him, this year’s Eid Al-Fitri holiday is too long since it is added with collective on leave stated by the government. He claimed that he suffered losses due to the absence of business activity for long lime.

“What happened then? There are lots of banks closed, so that all industrial activities closed too because bank is the blood of an industry. It makes us unable to do anything, completely paralyze,” this Presidnet Director and CEO of PT Lookman Djaja said.

He cited that the regulation to halt the logistics trucking operational during Iedl Fitri holiday season this year hit the record to be the longest one. With the additional situation of no anticipation coming from logistics business, the implementation of the regulation was felt too sudden.

“Actually, there was a proposal from the association in dealing with holiday planning. And this year, we in fact don’t have anticipation for mass on leave from the government. So, it is not necessary to have holidays for this long,” he explained.

He mentioned that the operational activity of logistics transport would resume to normal on next Monday (6/25/2018) to meet the call from the Ministry of Transportation that has been socialized earlier.

Previously, the Minister of Transportation, Budi Karya Sumadi, through a circular letter number AJ.201/1/24 PHB 2018 has called on transportation businesspeople to temporarily stop the operation at Jakarta-Cikampek and Jakarta-Merak toll road during June 8 to 10 period.

Truck drivers were suggested to use national road since the government has shaped the estimation of the peak Iedl Fitri holiday exodus period from June 12 to the two dates mentioned above.

For returning traffic, the call would be only effective in June 22 to 24 period. However, there was an expectation to logistics business to hold heavy truck activity in June 19 to 20.

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