BKI Loses Exclusive Rights on Container’s Condition Inspection and Gross Mass Verification

Luthfil Hadi - Jakarta, 03/09/2018, 14:38


Ministry of Transportation regulation Number 53 Year 2018 which regulates about The Properness of Container and Verified Gross Mass is in socialization period. This regulation is active since June 7th 2018 caused PT Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI) loses its exclusive rights as inspector and verifier on container condition and verified gross mass.

Private parties now can become surveyor who verified and inspect the container. But they will only be able to do that starting from January 2019. In the 6 months period of socialization, the government hopes the private parties to understand better about the regulation and requirements needed to become surveyor. Those regulation and requirements are both written in the Ministry of Transportation regulation Number 53 Year 2018.

The inspection, testing, and certification of container’s properness can be done by ship’s safety inspector and/or surveyor. The requirements to become a surveyor is to have competence in the field of container properness. Moreover, the surveyor must have attended training in field of container with equal competence. Surveyor consist of Classification Institution and a business entity approved by the Minister of Transportation.

For verifying the container’s gross mass, shipper and/or third parties have the right to verify the container. If there are any third parties who want to handle the verification, they must have a deal with shipper or the shipper representative, or with the involved association and the deal must be known to port authority. Shipper and third parties activity to weigh the container’s gross mass must be approved by port authority.

The requirements needed for shipper are as follows:

  • Shipper must attach the standard operating procedures for weighing.
  • Shipper must have or master the certified calibrated weighing tool which proven by proof of ownership, receipt, cooperation or lease agreement.
  • Shipper also must have the load plan data that is going to be weighed.

As for the third parties, the requirements are as follows:

  • Third parties is an Indonesian legal entity or port business entity.
  • Third parties must have or master the certified calibrated weighing tool which proven by proof of ownership, receipt, cooperation or lease agreement.
  • Weighing procedure used by third parties must be a procedure known by port authority.
  • Tariff set by third parties must adhere to Ministry of Transportation regulation on type, structure, and class of port services tariff.

Both shipper and third parties have obligation to documented the verified gross mass of container and report the result on VGM determination once every 3 months to the port authority. Third parties also have obligation to publish their service tariff.

The government hopes that with the new regulation, the used of improper container will be reduced and the process of shipping goods will only use proper container to increase the safety and security factor when dealing with activity involving container usage to ship goods.


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