Cargo Owners’ Behavior Still a Homework for 24/7 Services

Damas Jati - , 05/03/2018, 11:43


Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi urges the port and terminal operators at Tanjung Priok to consistently run their programs for non-stop service or usually called 24/7 services (24 hours a day and 7 days in a week), though facing obstacles from cargo owners. 

The minister appreciates the efforts of the terminals, including the effort of Jakarta International Container Terminal through its ‘my JICT’ application, a system that integrates E-billing, auto-gate, and delivery order (DO) online. 


"I appreciate very much for the efforts of any institutions at this port, including Pelindo and its subsidiaries, especially JICT, as well as shipping lines, forwarders, banks, and some government institutions who have supported the government program of 24/7 in a bid to support transparent and faster services and create cheaper logistic cost," Budi Karya said on his recent visit to JICT, Sunday, March 5, to see how the terminals run the 24/7 program. 

Budi Karya understands that cargo owners might not familiar with this yet, but he expects the terminal operators and other logistics service providers as well as the government related institutions to consistently run it and intensively do socialization, to cargo owners in particular.

"I understand it is hard to immediately change cargo owners' behavior. But, never stop trying," he encouraged the terminal operators and port authority. 

Budi Karya's view affirmed the obstacles the Port Authority of Tanjung Priok found since the port declared for 24/7 operation. 

"The obstacle is coming from cargo owners. Their behavior of delaying to release their cargoes until work days or work hours or until they need them, is still a problem," said Tanjung Priok Port Authority Head Arif Toha, explaining that all the terminals at Tanjung Priok as well as related institutions have been running services for 24 hours. 

"Terminals have built billing centers that open for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The systems and applications, including inapornet or some other applications like JICT’s ‘my JICT’ are also ready anytime. Some terminals, including JICT and MAL, have also applied the DO online that can be accessed any time. Those terminals have also built cooperation with banks that support the online payment that can be done by customers any time and from any place," he said. 

"The problem is few cargo owners are taking their cargoes at night or on holidays of Saturday and Sunday," he said. 

Yanti Agustinova, Senior Commercial Manager of JICT amended it. She said, the activity of delivery from the terminal during holidays is much lower. "Just look at the gate. There are a few trucks coming in and out, much much lower than on workdays. This is because today is Sunday. Cargo owners are taking holidays and they wait until workdays to release their cargoes," she said. 

Integrate the System, Port User Connected

Though knowing that the cargo owners’ behavior may become obstacle for the program, but the port authority and port/terminals operators have similar understanding to continue developing and integrate the system to support the program.

“All services at any terminals of Tanjung Priok are running in digital. All services are online. For example, we are developing DO online. We have also developed e-billing.  It is true we still need time for socialization to customers,” said Elvyn G. Masassya, IPC/Pelind 2 President Director.

“Any terminals are developing their owned applications, but they are integrated with inaportnet,” he further said.

“The e-billing of the terminals are ready and have been connected with the inaportnet. Two terminals, the JICT and MAL have run DO online, other terminals will follow them,” Arif Toha confirmed the system integration. 

The system integration, according to Arif Toha, will give a lot of benefits. In addition to transparency, the system is also a tool for cargo tracking and tracing.

In line with the government target for all port/terminal users to be connected with the systems, some terminals at Tanjung Priok are now intensively inviting their customers to be connected with their systems and applications. The JICT for example, targets all its shipping lines customers to be connected with DO online by the end of this month (March).

“As many as 60% of our shipping lines have been connected with our DO system. We target for 100% connected by the end of this month,” JICT President Director Gunta Prabawa.

JICT, said Gunta, has developed the ‘my JICT’ application that integrates E-billing, auto-gate, and delivery order (DO) online, in a bid to support the port 24 hours service.

"This is to support the government program of 24/7 and to integrate any port services in a simple system and application," Gunta said, expecting the system can also accelerate any inter-institutional services, thus creating a more efficient service at the port.

The E-billing of ‘my JICT’, Gunta further explained, would accommodate the payment of export import; the Autogate for export import trucking; while DO online for integrating vessel documents. 

In addition to those three main services, the ‘My JICT’ application covers the services for empty container transaction and container depo. 

Echoing the view, Yanti Agustinova, explained that the system has significantly cut the document preparation and payment system and the process at the gate in/out.

“Since running online, document process can be completed in five minutes, so does the payment or billing. And, at the gate in/out, all run automatically since all drivers are equipped with ID that is connected to our system. No need to check truck and drivers manually. Even, we also run the weighting in motion that connects with VGM. So, it cuts a lot of times,” said Yanti.

Puninar, a forwarding company that has connected with the ‘my JICT’ application, affirmed it, saying ‘my JICT system has significantly cut time and several cost items for document and billing. “Yes, this system has significantly cut time and cost,” a Puninar executive told his testimony to the Minister of Transportation. 

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