CEO Pelindo IV: 2.5 Years Building Connectivity, Price Disparity Getting Lower

Damas Jati - Jakarta, 07/05/2018, 09:18


State-owned port operator, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia IV (Pelindo IV) keeps developing connectivity at Eastern Indonesia Region (KTI) so that the supply of commodities in the region runs continuously.

“We have been building connectivity in KTI for two years, and the result is, that the price disparity between eastern and western Indonesia regions is gradually decreasing and the consumer goods price has been down,” Doso Agung, the CEO of Pelindo IV said.

Doso explained the condition during a seminar on the enhancement of investment and non-oil and gas export that was held by Indonesian exporter association (GPEI) of Central Sulawesi region yesterday.

In the company’s press release, Doso claimed that the purchasing strength of eastern Indonesia people currently arises as the positive impact from the smoothness of cargo distribution supply at the entire commercial ports under Pelindo IV.

He Gave example that the price of a sack of cement in Wamena in Papua, which was previously at Rp 500,000, has been down to Rp 300,000 per sack, or 40% lower.

The same situation also happened at the price of rice in Sorong, which firstly hit Rp 13,000 per kilogram, now has been lowered to Rp 10,500, or down by 20%.

The connectivity effort of Pelindo IV is among others the opening of direct export and import routes from and to the Port of Makassar to other commercial ports in the eastern Indonesia regions.

Pelindo IV currently intensifies direct ship call and export activities through cooperation with some international shipping companies from Hong Kong, SITC, in some big commercial ports in KTI, such as Makassar Port, Pantoloan, Ambon, Balikpapan, and Jayapura Port.

“At first, we opened direct call and direct shipment only to three containers, initiated with merely 40 containers per months, but now, it has reached 3 thousand containers per month,” Doso said.

What has been worked out, he added, was the effort of Pelindo IV as a state enterprise to exist in public and thus to bear the task from the central government to reduce price disparity, which previously skyrocketed between western and eastern Indonesia regions. 

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CEO Pelindo IV: 2.5 Years Building Connectivity, Price Disparity Getting Lower

May 07, 2018