Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs held Coordination Meeting in Lombok

Luthfil Hadi - Jakarta, 26/09/2018, 16:26


On Wednesday, September 19th 2018, the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs held a coordination meeting discussing maritime infrastructure. This meeting is being held to fulfil President Joko Widodo’s mandate when he was establishing the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs 4 years ago. 

The mandate was to coordinate, synchronize, and manage all ministerial business in government administration on the maritime sector. The theme for the meeting is ‘Infrastruktur untuk Pembangunan Nasional’or ‘Infrastructure for National Development’ took place in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

The meeting was divided into 4 session to make sure that the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs could obtain a comprehensive input to tackle issues related to maritime infrastructure. Those 4 session specifically talks about tourism supporting infrastructure, natural gas management in eastern Indonesia, and maritime infrastructure such as sea toll.

“To resolve many issues, especially the maritime infrastructure, we need a lot of input on the matter, not only from the ministries but also from field people,” said Ridwan Djamaluddin, Deputy for Infrastructure Coordination of the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs. Ridwan affirm that synergy between institution, both government and private sector is important to tackle maritime infrastructure issues.

One example of maritime issues born by the lack of synergy between institutions is the issuance of a policy that could have negative impacts on other institution. This kind of problem happened in Raja Ampat, where the Chief of Port Management Unit issued a prohibition for cruise to sail on 3 routes that passes through Raja Ampat. The ban was issued after the MV Caledonian Sky ran aground on 2017. This policy heavily affect the tourism sector around Raja Ampat. It serves as proof that there are very sectoral policy related to tourism that affect the tourism industries.

Ex-Coordinating of Maritime Affairs Minister, Indroyono Soesilo is one of the three speakers invited to the meeting. He said, “To make tourism as the biggest foreign exchange earner after palm oil, we need to synchronize our policy.” Therefore, if an institution is going to issue a policy it would be preferred that the policy is discussed with other institution that will be affected if the policy goes through. If there are any negative impact, it would be better to re-discuss the policy to minimize the potential negative impact.

The other 2 speakers invited are Danang Parikesit as the Chairman of ‘Masyarakat Transportatsi Indonesia’ (MTI) or ‘Indonesian Transportation Society’, and a delegation from Bappenas. The speakers talked about the maritime infrastructure development acceleration, and strategy to tackel Indonesian maritime transportation issues.

After holding the meeting, the Ministry found out that many ship operators still having a hard time to obtain their ship license. Moreover, another issues that came to the Ministry attention are the difficulty in getting ship components and shipping technician, also how difficult to manage caught fish because the lack of cold storage.

When holding the meeting, the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs invited the stakeholder on maritime industries such as the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Ministry of Transportation, IPC, Pelni, ASDP, PLN, and private companies on sea transportation sector.

PLN suggested the government to increase the gas reserve that is predicted to run out on 2025.  The gas power plant facilities haven’t been well integrated with other facility caused the gas power plant to be considered inefficient.

“Although it is hard, we will continue to coordinate and construct a road map to tackle the problems. The most important strength to tackle the issues are coordination and collaboration,” said Ridwan. He also said that all the suggestion to the Ministry will be technically discussed further with other related institution.


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