DRU Launches Landing Ship for Navy

Luthfil Hadi - Jakarta, 29/06/2018, 13:03


PT Daya Radar Utama (DRU) again launches a new landing ship for Indonesian navy. This newly-built AT-4 type ship, KRI Teluk Lada, becomes Indonesia’s masterpiece and is expected to be the best product of PT DRU for the country.

The launching of AT-4 ship, KRI Teluk Lada, would be witnessed by the Minister of Defense General (ret.) Ryamizard Ryacudu and Navy Chief-of-Staff Admiral Siwi Sukma Adji at PT DRU shipyard in Panjang, Bandar Lampung on Thursday (06/28/2018).

This is the second time for PT DRU to build navy’s landing ship for tank. Previously, this privately-owned national shipbuilding company also has completed the construction of KRO Teluk Bintuni – 520.

“It becomes the pride for us PT DRU, who has been trusted to build navy’s vessel. We hope that this ship can be the best product of PT DRU for the country,” the President Director of PT DRU, Amir Gunawan said on Wednesday (06/27/18).

Amir explained that AT-4 KRI Teluk Lada has an overall length of 117 meters with a width of 16.4 meters. The maximum speed of this transport ship is 16 knots and travelling speed at 13 knot with sailing range reaches 6,240 nautical mile. This vessel is purely made by Indonesians. There’s not even single foreign expert involved in it.

“PT DRU currently builds four units landing ship for navy. One of them, AT-4 KRI Teluk Lada is about to be launched. This year, we plan to launch the remaining 3 units,” Amir said.

He disclosed that PT DRU is one of privately-owned national shipbuilding company that was established in 1972. In its history, PT DRU has built lots of different type of ships, both small and big ones. Besides navy’s landing ship, PT DRU also has been capable to build 17,500 DWT tanker of Pertamina completed with sophisticated equipment.

“We also have done docking and repair of both big and small ships, such as Pertamina’s oil and gas tanker, safely,” he added.

Synergy with the government

Regarding the government’s idea of developing national strategic industry in Lampung, Amis stated that PT DRU was ready to hold partnership and fully supported the idea. PT DRU was also ready to have synergy as an effort of strengthening national strategic industry, especially in shipbuilding industry in Indonesia.

According to Amir, government’s effort of setting synergy at all national potentials in dealing with shipbuilding industry has been seen in the development of landing ship of navy in PT DRU shipyard. “Working for the sake of the nation and the country’s interest is a pride for us. PT DRU will keep continuously enhancing capability so that we can produce high quality product, be precise and punctual,” Amir said.

The synergy and cooperation that has been built well with the government was expected to run consistently. Amir cited that PT DRU was ready for the construction of the upcoming ships.

“With a high technology-based construction method and the spirit to continuously improve the quality, PT DRU will always support the development of shipbuilding industry in Indonesia,” he said.

Environmental responsibility

As a form of realization to environmental responsibility, PT DRU consistently built a harmony and close relationship to the society. Numbers of social activities as well as the effort to introduce shipbuilding industry have been socialized simultaneously to the people in surrounding areas.

According to Amir, during the launching of AT-4 KRI Teluk Lada, the company would also invite representatives of students, teachers and local figures. “We are aware about environmental responsibility, especially at education and socio-cultural sector through study tour activity or a visit to PT DRU shipyard,” he said.

Amir expected that the invited students could gain knowledge on shipyard industry, including the existence of PT DRU in Lampung that has built lots of ships for the needs of the nation and the country. “Later on, we all expect that these kids will be the nation’s future generation who is clever and is able to bring pride to our beloved country. Jalesveva Jayamahe,” Amir added.

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