Eddy Kurniawan Logam Reelected to Lead IPERINDO

Damas Jati - Jakarta, 04/05/2018, 09:23


Eddy Kurniawan Logam, the CEO of PT Logindo Samudera Makmur, is reelected to be the Chairman of Indonesia Shipbuilding and Offshore Industries Association (Iperindo) for 2018-2022 terms.

Three names, Eddy K Logam from PT Logindo Samudera Makmur, Yance Gunawan from PT Dumas Tanjung Perak Shipyard and Askan Naim from PT Krakatau Shipyard became the candidates of the chairman during Iperindo’s Management Board election. The voting of Iperindo’s chairman for next four years term was held in the General Meeting of Members (RUA) of Iperindo on Thursday (5/3/2018).

The election through direct voting mechanism was conducted in two rounds since in the first round there was not a single candidate successfully won 50 percent votes plus one. Total voters were 95 companies as stated in the rules of the association.

In the first round, Asakan Naim grabbed 24 votes, Yance Gunawan had 37 votes and Eddy K Logam won 34 votes.

The result of the first round election made two candidates, Yance Gunawan and Eddy K Logam, to go on the final election round.

In the second round, there were only 94 members using their voting rights and the result was Yance Gunawan won 43 votes and Eddy K Logam had 50 votes. In this final round, there were only 93 valid votes, and one was declared abstain.

Before the election began, the three candidates of chairman of Iperindo also have explained their vision and mission if they got the chance to lead the association.

In this vision and mission session, Askan Naim focused on the effort of national shipyard to be independent, and Iperindo should be able to solve the problem of its members regarding the tariff of land leasing in port area which currently tends to keep increasing and expensive.

Meanwhile, Yance Gunawan stressed out over the enormous potential and capacity of domestic shipyards to be the main assets of making Indonesia to play bigger roles in global maritime industry.

Eddy K Logam, on the other hand, stated that a big responsibility awaited the board management of Iperindo in 2018-2022, so that the chairman of Iperindo should have more portion of time for the association besides also had to be healthy physically and mentally, firm, friendly and was able to avoid conflicts.

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