EDII Support Rukindo Online System Implementation

Media Release - EDII - Jakarta, 03/04/2018, 14:15

*EDII Finance & Support Director, Elon Manurung (Left) & President Director Rukindo, M. Hadi Syafitri Noor (Right), hit the gong as a sign of launching Rukindo integrated online system application

PT Electronic Data Interchange Indonesia (EDII) has successfully developed an online system for PT Pengerukan Indonesia (Rukindo). Two subsidiaries of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II are cooperating in the implementation of online system that includes the procurement of goods and services, e-Office, and data center which was launched on Monday (2/4) at Rukindo Building, Jakarta.

President Director of Rukindo, M. Hadi Syafitri Noor, expressed his gratitude to EDII who has succeeded in translating what Rukindo wants into a system. Implemented online system is integrated to facilitate all business processes and services to business owner of the company that includes the work of dredging, reclamation, repair and construction of new vessels that are currently quite tight competition.

"This is a successful step by Rukindo with the establishment of the Master Plan IT on December 22, 2017. The master plan has been prepared in line with the company's long-term plan towards the smart corporation," he explained.

The same thing was also expressed by EDII Finance Director, Elon Manurung, in his speech, he explained that every company have to adapt to technological developments. "Companies have to keep up with the rapidly changing technology, because if every company succeeds in up to date, then the company will exist," he said

Therefore, continued Elon, EDII is always ready to support Rukindo and companies within the IPC Group to implement Smart Corporation in order to support business activities more quickly and efficiently

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