Getting Double Gold Awards, Drajat: “Energy for Further Innovation”

Damas Jati - Jakarta, 18/09/2018, 11:04


Port of Panjang was awarded with double goal trophy (Prima Utama) from Ministry of Transportation, thanks to the best performance of break bulk and container terminals of the port.
The two trophies were directly handed by Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi to General Manager of Panjang Port Drajat Sulistyo on the event of Ministry of Transportation’s  ‘Award on Public Service in the Transportation Sector 2018’ conducted at Assembly Hall JCC Jakarta on Monday, September 17.

Both break bulk and container terminals of Panjang Port got the highest rate of appraisal to more than nine aspects of criteria. According to the committee that consists of internal team of the ministry and some independent external representatives, the aspects of appraisal included vision and mission, motto, service standard, procedure and mechanism, human resources, facilities and infrastructure, customers service (complaints handling),  customer (public) satisfaction, information system, and productivity.
“These awards, hopefully, will energize us to do further innovation, thus supporting our dream to realize Panjang toward a world class port and as the engine of economic growth for Lampung Province,” Drajat said commending those achievements to Indonesia Shipping Gazette.

He appreciates all internal parties who have shown their high performance and external parties of customers and clients who have support the port for a better performance. “I send high appreciation to all parties, including my colleagues at Panjang Port and our partners, customers, and terminals users. We are here and getting this achievement because of support of them,” he said.

According to Drajat, these awards prove that the innovation continuously taken in the three key programs. Through the tagline of “Innovation for Excellent” Panjang Port has released 3 new programs, the transformation of operation, asset commercialization, and the re-branding of the company.
Those three programs, according to Drajat, would be held in parallel or at the same time. In operation level, the company would hold zoning and terminal clustering (dedicated terminal), starting from container, dry bulk, and also liquid bulk terminals.

The management of Panjang Port also planned to conduct improvement and modernization at all sectors related to the service to its customers, such as setting the control room as the dashboard of operational control and provided stevedoring data and activity in a real time, improving billing center and customer service and the implementation of non-container terminal operating system application as a part of enhancing other services too.

From asset commercialization program, it would be in the form of optimizing the land and building usage in the region, including tariff adjustment from the existing one. Re-branding program would be held in the form of the best service to all port customers as well as building communication with all parties in the port.

“Thank God, the effort that we have done so far earn a positive response from the vested interest, both regulator and port users. And, I dare to say this Prima Utama (gold) awards proves that our programs are on track and have created good result,” Drajat said.

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