Govt Responds Positively the Shipbuilders Dispensation Proposal

Damas Jati - Jakarta, 18/10/2018, 11:50


National shipbuilders appreciate
the government positive response on their proposal to give compensation ships
that failed to be delivered on time and to extend the time for completion until
December 31, 2017.

As the reports said, as many as
26 ships of total 152 units, financed by multi-years state budget (APBN
2015-2018), failed to be delivered according to the contract deadline (April
2018). All the ships were built by the national shipbuilders and are expected
to support the government program of sea toll.

To prevent any probable
penalties due such delay, Indonesia Shipbuilders’ Association Iperindo sent a
letter No 029/IP/DPP-KU/09-2018 dated September 4,
to President Joko Widodo. The letter explained the problems the shipbuilders
faced causing such delay and asked for compensation for any probable penalties
and deadline extension up to December 31.

Iperindo Chairman Eddy Kurniawan
Logam and General Secretary Askan Naim affirmed such letter, but refused to say
those ship construction delay.

“We send this letter for the sake of
all members, not for personal interest. It is not appropriate to say they are
fail. In average, the construction works of these ships have been 94%
completed,” said Eddy Logam.

Askan echoed the view, guaranteeing
for full completion before the end of this year. “Sure, we will complete the
construction and be ready for delivery before December 31,” he said.

Eddy Logam and Askan affirmed the 26
ships are built by 8 national shipbuilders but refused to name them.

They told some problems why the 26
vessels facing delay, longer time for procurement of import component, longer
time needed for importation process (clearance process at the port), as well as
lack of skilful human resources.

Sooner Operation of Ready Ships

Iperindo claimed a positive
response from Ministry of Transportation following their letter to the
president. “We appreciate a fast response from the Ministry of Transportation.
We have conducted meetings twice and discussed for appropriate solution for
this problem,” said Askan.

Askan explained that during the
discussion, in addition to find solution for the 26 ships, Iperindo also asked
the government to soon operate the vessels that have been completed, but have
not been operated yet.

“We have to spend extra cost for
their maintenance. This is totally burdening us,” said Askan.

According to Indonesia Shipping
Gazette data, there are more than 30 ships that have totally been completed,
but still stayed at the shipbuilders’ jetty as the government has not taken
them for operation. 

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