IKT Budgets Rp 1 Trn For Adding Facilities, Expanding Market

Damas Jati - Jakarta, 16/03/2018, 11:32


IPC/PT Pelindo 2 Car Terminal - PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal - is budgeting as much as Rp 1 trillion for its infrastructure and facilities development as well as market expansion in the next five years. 

That is a part of its ambition to be the leading car terminal  in Asia and to join the top five car terminals in the world. 

The budget, according to IKT President Director Chiefy K Adi, will mostly be allocated to finance the invesment works of: add the storage capacity  of Tanjung Priok car terminal, diversify business, expand business coverage to other ports, and prepare IT toward a digital port. In addition, the budget is also to support its RoRo (roll on roll off) service in a bid to support the government 'Sea Toll' program.

"For the time being, we focus on car loading/unloading as well as storage at Tanjung Priok Port. But, soon, we provide other services further than that, giving added values to our customers. In addition, we eyeing to expand our location coverage to the other ports nationwide," Chiefy said. 

IKT, according  to Chiefy, will expand its storage capacity in Tanjung Priok from the existing total area of 31 to 89 hectare in the next five years. The program will run in phases.

 "This year, we will add more than 9 ha, thus by the end of 2018, our storage capacity will be more than 40 ha," he said, adding that the additional capacity  is including 1.3 ha of ex-DKP area, 3 ha of ex-PP  area, and 5 hectare will be provided by vertical parking area, a five-floors building that will be built on the existing area. 

"Those additional areas are meant to increase our international and domestic capacity," he said. 

IKT is also eyeing to expand its service coverage to the other ports nationwide. To realize it, IKT will tie up cooperation with its parent company IPC or Branch Ports, other state port operators of PT Pelindo 1, 3, and 4, as well as other private companies. 

With its parent company, IKT is eyeing to expand its business wing to Palembang and Pontianak Ports. It also eyes to build cooperation with Pelindo I for building car terminal at Belawan and Dumai Ports, and with Pelindo IV for Makassar Port. It is also ready to cooperate with the operator of  new Patimban Port. 

"In view of our existing  resources and total support of our parent company IPC, we are completely ready to do expansion to the other ports."

Relating to additional services, IKT will also  continue to optimize its services for preparing processing center, mini repair, car washing and cleaning. "This is not our core business. But, we want to give added values services not only to car/heavy equipments exporters/importers, but also to the automotive makers." 

Meanwhile, in line with its parent company mission toward a digital port, IKT also continued to develop its IT. "It is also becoming our short term program. This budget is also for IT development," he said. 

In addition  to those programs, Chiefy also underlined that IKT also back up the government 'Sea Toll' program through RoRo service between Jakarta and Surabaya. 

"We totally support it. In addition to support a a national efficient logistics that is done by removing cargoes from land to sea transportation, this is also a manifesto of our nationalism spirit and philosophy," Chiedy said, noting that nationalism has become the basis of any works at this  company. 


In 2017, IKT enjoyed a fantastic growth, both in volume it handled and the income it created. 

The company handled more than 354,000 units of car and heavy equipments, totaling of export/import and domestic cargoes, increasing more than 30% year on year, or more than 130% of the 2016 realization. In total, Tanjung Priok Port handled more than 500,000 vehicles last in 2016. 

"Some of the cargoes, the domestic cargoes, were still handled by conventional terminal," Chiefy explained. 

However, he said, all export and import were handled by IKT. Of the total volume at IKT, according to Chiefy, export import contributed by 85%.

The export destination are sequentially led by the Philippines, Uni Emirate, Latin America, and Africa, while import were originated from Thailand and India (90%). 

This year, IKT target to handle 450,000 units, a 40% increase year on year. "Since 100% are captive market and supported by our solid and experienced team, we are optimistic to reach it," said Chiefy. 

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