IMLOW: Container Inspection Should Focus More on Safety Aspect, Rather Than Commercial

Damas Jati - Jakarta, 11/10/2018, 12:28


Indonesia Maritime Logistic and Transportation Watch (IMLOW) is urging the Ministry of Transportation to focus more on the safety aspect in doing check and inspection over the container viability rather than the commercial aspect, in line with the decree of Minister of Transportation No. PM53/2018 on Container Viability and the Verified Container Gross Load.

Hence, in a bid to support such safety aspect as called by the Shipping Law No 17/2008, strict sanction and penalty should be taken, said IMLOW General Secretary Achmad Ridwan Tento.

"The question is who are the PPNS (government investigators personals) at the Ditjen Hubla Kemenhub (Directorate General of Sea Transportation, Ministry of Transportation) for law enforcement through implementation of the PM 53/2018," he said.

Ridwan underlined that in line with the Shipping Law No 17/2018 there will both criminal and civil sanctions to those who break the regulation relating container viability, both containers that are used for international and domestic trades.

"But, why do we just focus more on the aspect of cost for container inspection and verification? Why do we make dichotomy between domestic and international containers? It is clear, the law should be applied to both, domestic and international," he said.

Since the container check and inspection focused much on the issue of tariff, many parties have suspected that the issuance of PM 53/2018 is rather commercial oriented and just to protect the interest of a group of business.

On the other hand, he said, the article 282 of Law 17 /2008 clearly states that the investigation jobs should be done by the police institution.

IMLOW, Ridwan said, also questioned the container inspection procedure. “Why does the the inspection is only addressed to international containers? It should be no discriminative! The law is effective for any containers done, in line with the principle of equality before the law,” said Ridwan.

Quoting the timeline of the PM 53/2018, Ridwan urged the Ministry of Transportation to do inspection over all containers, both domestic and international, in early 2019.

Container Modification

Ridwan also expressed deep concern over one national shipping line that did modification of container.

"We are deeply concerned on the practice to modify containers for domestic trade that done by a national shipping line,” said Ridwan, but admitted that the Article 31 of PM 53/2018 that regulates the container modification. 

The standard of container viability refer to International Convention for Save Containers (CSC) 1972  and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

“Don’t use the article 31 of PM 53/2018 to justify the wrong modification action, to modify a container of 20 feet to 21 feet for example,” he said.

According to IMLOW, there are some shipping lines that did container modification to carry pipes. The pipes length are about 6 meter, while the length of 20 feet container is 5.9 meter. Some shipping lines then do container lengthening by 30 cm, so they can load the pipes. We question the practice in view of safety aspects,” he said.

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