IMLOW: Tighten Up Security Aspect in Seaports and Airports

Damas Jati - Jakarta, 15/05/2018, 09:34

*Achmad Ridwan Tento

Indonesia Maritime, Logistics and Transportation Watch (IMLOW) stated that the enhancement of security and supervisory aspects against vital objects of national economic activities, such as seaports and airports must be conducted.

Secretary-General of IMLOW, Achmad Ridwan Tento explained that the terrorism acttions that happened within 25 hours period in Surabaya, East Java on last Sunday and Monday were worried to disrupt economic activity and investors who were planning to invest in Indonesia.

“Seaports and airports are one of the vital objects for economic activity in a country. Never ever ignore the aspect of safety and security, thus it must be upgraded in order to give comfort to all relevant parties,” Ridwan said in the IMLOW press release exclusively for Indonesia Shipping Gazette on Tuesday (5/15/2018).

He gave example that in the commercial seaports, which provided cargo and export-import shipment, there was the rule of ship and cargo safety that was suitable to the regulation of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) through the implementation of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.

“Let’s all together protecting the vital objects of seaports and airports in Indonesia. Don’t leave any rooms for terrorism acts,” he said.

Ridwan, who is also business player in Tanjung Prik Port, admitted that he had received lots of phone calls from international business partners after the bomb blasts and terrorism acts in Surabaya, East Java.

“They are really worried and stated that if the government couldn’t handle this terror act, they would temporarily freeze the cooperation with Indonesian businesspeople,” he explained.

He stressed out that any form of terrorism acts actually have torn apart humanity solidarism and it was very cruel and absolutely a kind of barbaric action that would never get approval from any religions.

For this reason, IMLOW strongly urges the authority to investigate and solve the problems completely as well as announced it to public openly.

“Say no to bomb whatever the reason is. Let’s walk hand-in-hand towards peaceful Indonesia,” Ridwan, who is also the Chief of Maritime Department at the Association of Legal Professor Indonesia (APDHI), said.

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