Indonesian Export Reports

Luthfil Hadi - Jakarta, 18/10/2018, 15:08


Indonesian exports in the January to September period 2018 sees an improvement compared to last year’s same period. The improvement is significant, the value improved more than 11 billion USD. In the said period of 2017, Indonesian exports only amount to 123.83 billion USD. While in the same period of 2018, the amount of Indonesian export reached 134.99 billion USD. The percentage of improvement is up to 9.41%.

But, the improvement can only be seen when comparing the yearly period. When comparing the monthly period of 2018, the value of Indonesian exports in September is decreasing compared to August in the same year. The decrease in value amount to 1 billion USD. In August, Indonesian exports reach 15.84 billion USD, while in September it only reached 14.83 billion USD. If we see it from percentage point of view, the value declined by 6.58%.

The information has been made to public by ‘Badan Pusat Statistik’ (BPS). BPS released Indonesian export and import data within January and August 2018 on Monday, October 15th 2018. They released the data on their building, BPS building, Jakarta. And from the data, the value of Indonesian export in September is known to have a lower value compared to the August exports.

From the data, the cause for the decreasing export was in both oil and gas sector and non-oil and gas sector. Oil and gas sector experiencing a decreasing of 200 million USD in export Value. In August, the export value reached to 1.43 billion USD, while in September it only reached 1.2 billion USD. The value declined by 15.81% in September.

For the oil and gas sector, the export declined in all sector. From crude oil, processed oil product, and gas. Crude oil export declined by 17% and gas export declined by almost 14%. The hardest blow was from processed oil product. The export value declined by more than 18%.

For the non-oil and gas sector, the decreasing value only amount to 5.67% compared to August. While the percentage is lower, the same thing cannot be said about the monetary value. This sector export decreased by 800 million USD. Almost 4 times more compared to oil and gas sector. August saw the export value around 14.43 billion USD, while in September it only reach 13.62 billion USD.

This sector has export value declined in many line, from machinery product, electronic equipment to footwear. Machinery product and electronic equipment export declined by more than 11%, while mechanical and engines declined by 11.6%. Footwear export declined by 13% and non-knitted clothes export declined by 17%. The biggest decline was experienced by jewelry and gems export. This particular sector seen a decline in value by 20%.

Indonesian export declined because some of Indonesian main export target country reduce their import of Indonesian products. They are Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, China, Australia, and USA. The percentage of decline are 23.43%; 16.90%; 10.11%; 8.66%; 8.37%; and 6.9% respectively.

However, there are other countries that increase their import from Indonesia. They are South Korea, Italia, India, and Thailand. The recorded increment are 13.33%; 6.46%; 3.3%; and 0.48% respectively.

By looking at the data, it can be concluded that the improvement could not compensate for the declining in export. Indonesian total export value to their 13 main target countries declined by 6.62%.

On the other hand, Indonesian manufacture industries experienced growth compared to last year. The growth amount to 5 billion USD in value. On September 2017, the manufacture industries value was only 92.25 billion USD, while in September 2018 it reached 97.52 billion USD. The value increased by more than 5% if compared.


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