Indonesian Government Socialize IMO’s Latest Regulation

Luthfil Hadi - Jakarta, 17/10/2018, 15:00


World’s maritime organization, IMO, released a new regulation. The latest regulation revolving around the safety of sea activity.

As one of IMO’s member, Indonesia fully supported the new regulation. To show their support of the regulation, the Indonesian government held an event to socialize the regulation. Another reason of the event is that the government wants to show their commitment on improving national shipping sector. Everything is done to get Indonesia to become the global maritime fulcrum.

The event was held at RedTop Hotel in Jakarta on Wednesday, 17 October 2018. The Directorate General of Sea Transportation of The Ministry of Transportation as the host invited 2 speakers. The first one is Indonesian transportation attache for England from 2015-2018, Simson Sinaga, and Helmi from Ditkapel.

The Ministry of Transportation aims to socialize the latest IMO regulation to foreign ships agencies. The event was attended by approximately 100 shipping agencies that was held by the said ministry. Every shipping agencies that attended the event was the shipping agencies that operates in Indonesian territorial waters.

The event was opened by Capt. Wisnu Handoko as the Director of Sea Traffic of Sea Transportation. Een Nuraini Saedah, Kasubdit of Foreign Transportation of Dirjen Hubla took part as the host for the event. Een said that national shipping companies still couldn’t compete with international shipping companies. The only thing keeping the national shipping companies save was the Cabotage. Without Cabotage, the national shipping companies would have a really hard time to compete against international shipping companies.

Indonesia has become a member of IMO since 1961. And since then, Indonesia has been the member of IMO council of Category C for more than 20 times. By becoming the category C council member, Indonesia plays an important and strategic part on IMO. Such as determining the direction of IMO’s policy and establishing international maritime regulation.

By socializing the regulation, Indonesian government tried to realize their commitment in developing the national shipping sector.


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