Indonesian Maritime Business Thriving in 2018

Luthfil Hadi - Jakarta, 12/09/2018, 14:30


Reported form, one of Indonesian State-Owned Enterprises in port services, PT Pelindo IV or Indonesia Port Corporation IV (IPC IV) invested big money in 4 ports managed by them. The investment came in form of 4 container crane bought with the total value of IDR 150 Billion, or around USD 10 million.

These 4 cranes that has been bought will be delivered to Indonesia from Incheon port, South Korea. The delivery will be done using Dongbang Giant No 2, heavy carrier ship. This ship has already started the unloading of one crane in Ternate port on Sunday, Spetember 9th 2018.

The container cranes bought by IPC IV will be operated in Makassar New Port (MNP), Kendari New Port (KNP), Ambon port, and Ternate port.  Dongbang Giant No 2 will unload the first crane in Ternate, then it will continue to sail to Ambon, Kendari New Port and will finally unload the last crane in Makassar New Port.

Every unloaded container crane will be assembled immediately and will undergo a performance test. It is done to ensure every container crane is in good condition and ready to operate, so if there is any abnormality, it will be quickly discovered. If this does happen (abnormality or broken parts), IPC IV could contact the crane shipper to send replacement or expert and spare parts to repair the broken parts.

The purpose of buying these container crane is to increase the status of Ternate and Ambon ports conventional port into container ports. Furthermore, these crane is expected to increase the productivity of these 4 ports managed by IPC IV.

Director of Facility and Ports Equipment of IPC IV, Farid Padang expressed the opinion of IPC IV CEO, Doso Agung about the connectivity program in eastern Indonesia. With MNP and KNP to start the operation by the end of 2018, it serves as a proof that connectivity program for eastern Indonesia done in synergy with regional government to reduce the national logistic cost has been done in the right manner. The price reduction on some of eastern Indonesia area with IPC IV managed port is a real proof, said Farid.

As we all know, IPC IV has built 16 new ports with total investment value added up to IDR 2.153 Trillion. The Ministry of State-Owned Enterprise inaugurated project is called “Proyek Strategis Nasional” (PSN) or National Strategic Projects. These project was inaugurated by the aforementioned minister, Rini M Soemarmo on August 24th 2018 is expected to reduce the price disparity in eastern Indonesia. The construction of these 16 ports is done by using the fund from “Penyertaan Modal Negara” (PMN) or State Capital Participation and the internal company funds from eastern Indonesia companies.

Ambon and Ternate ports are the parts of PSN that has been inaugurated last August by Rini M Soemarmo. Makassar New Port will be inaugurated by President Joko Widodo in the end of 2018. While KNP is still being constructed and targeted to finish its construction by the end of 2018 and to start the operation on 2019.

Not only investing a container crane in Ambon port, IPC IV also invested IDR 35 Billion to re-strengthen 60 meters dock. The aim for re-strengthening is to double the dock’s capacity from 100,000 TEU per year into 200,000 TEU per year. Furthermore, IPC IV also invested IDR 50 Billion for 3 units of RTG and IDR 80 Billion for 1 container crane to increase the load and unloading capacity of the ports from 15 boxes per hour to 25 boxes per hour. By increasing the load and unloading capacity by 67%, it is expected that the docks can process more containers and fulfil the 200.000 TEU per year capacity.

As for Ternate port, IPC IV also invest IDR 75 Billion on 100 meters dock replacement, and 148 meters of container docks replacement with the value of IDR 89 Billion. The docks replacement aim is to increase the capacity of the docks by 100%, from 50,000 TEU per year into 100,000 TEU per year.

On the other hand, PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal, or IPCC has recorded their income for the 2018’s 1st semester. IPCC recorded an IDR 250 Billion income in this period. It means their income has increased by 28% compared to the same period last year. IPCC CEO, Chiefy Adi Kusmargono said that the profit realization for 1st semester this year has reach IDR 94.9 Billion, or increased by 58% if compared to same period last years. He also state that the vehicle througput increased by 10.3%, heavy machinery increased by 81% and spare parts increased by 45%. Chiefy is optimistic that IPCC can realize their projected income and profit for 2018 when seeing their achievement on 2018’s 1st semester.


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