Indonesian National Transportation Day

Luthfil Hadi - Jakarta, 18/09/2018, 15:50


National Transportation Day is celebrated every year on September 17th in Indonesia. It was first formalized in 1971 through the Ministry of Transportation decree Number SK.274/G/1971. The decree was issued on August 26th 1971, regulating about commemoration of National Transportation Day.

National Transportation Day was set to celebrate the anniversary of every State-owned Enterprises which work on transportation sector. Before the National Transportation Day was set, every state-owned enterprises celebrate their anniversaries on a different dates, and with close interval. It was considered ineffective and inefficient in regards of time and money. Therefore, in 1971 the government through the Ministry of Transportation issued a decree to unite the celebration of the anniversaries of every state-owned enterprises on transportation sector.

There are 3 main purpose of National Transportation Day written in SK.274/G/1971. The first one is to improve a sense of togetherness and unity between employee from the transportation state-owned enterprises, the “Insan Perhubungan”, and with the business partner. By improving the sense of togetherness, it is expected that the relationship between the state-owned enterprises and their business partner will be able to improve the quality of their services in the transportation sector.

The second purpose is to increase the awareness and sense of responsibilities to always improve their services. By improving those, the state-owned enterprises and their business partners can always maintain their service quality and even improve their services so there will be more people returned to use their services.

The third purpose is to improve their appreciation and to practice the 5 image of “insan perhubugan”. 5 image of “insan perhubungan” are the basic attitude for every employee of state-owned enterprises of transportation sector. The 5 attitudes are Taqwa to God; responsive to the people’s need of discipline, punctual, and pleasant services; tough when facing challenges; skilled and behave in agile, friendly, polite and straightforward manner; and responsible for the safety and security of transportation services.

Reported from, a research called Inrix 2017 Traffic Scorecard which was held throughout 2017 by Inrix found that Jakarta is ranked 12 as a city with the highest traffic congestion in the world. It was caused because the road and transportation infrastructure of Jakarta is not enough to meet the needs of Jakarta’s high population. This makes the people choose to use their private vehicle than public transport.

With many people using their private vehicle in Jakarta, it leads to congestion. As we all know, the person carried per square meter capacity of private vehicle can only transport much less people compared to public transport. It causes the road to become crowded and full, leading to congestion. These can affect the economic activity of the region. Congestion can caused goods transport become slower, it leads to slower economic activity.

In the spirit of national transportation day, every state-owned enterprise on transportation sector is expected to re-interpret the meaning of the celebration to devote themselves to provide better services for the people and the nation. These can be proved by always sincerely improving their service for the people to realize a reliable, safe, and comfortable transportation. They are also expected to be able to provide better services to entice the people to use public transport that in turn will reduce the use of private vehicle and the congestion caused by excessive use of private vehicle.

It has been proven that transportation system is substantial to support the economy. By improving the quality of the services, it is hoped that the public transport usage will increase in number, and in turn will reduce the congestion level and improve the goods transport.

There are needs to hold a campaign to improve the awareness of the people to reduce the use of private vehicle and to starting to use the public transport. The purpose is to prevent more congestion from happening in the future.

With the high level of congestion and the low level of public transport used, the state-owned enterprise of transportation sector is expected to improve their quality and quantity of their services. With services quality that is better, safer, more comfortable, and more secure, it expected that the user of public transport can increase.

On the other hand, Budi Karya Sumadi, the Minister of Transportation of Republic of Indonesia issued a Ministerial Decree number KP 1039 year 2018 on the establishment of the central committee for the commemoration of 2018 National Transportation Day. This decree contain many activity that will be hold to celebrate the National Transportation Day this year.

The activities that will be holds are sports and arts contest, exhibition, and social services activity. The sports contest consist of volley ball, futsal, ping pong, badminton, chess, card games, and 10 kilometres run. As for the arts contest is band contest for university on the Jabodetabek area and pop and dangdut contest.

The social services activity that are being held are blood donors, giving handout to train crossing watchman and beacon tower officer. They will also visit orphanage and nursing homes.

The social services held to celebrate the National Transportation Day in Jakarta this year was opened by Minister of Transportation, Budi Karya Sumadi. The event that was held on Monday, September 10th 2018 consist of blood donors and free health consultation with a counselling for tuberculosis.

The blood donor event was attended by many circles of people, from ministry of transportations official and their employee, to the cadets of schools in the ministry of transportation area. Budi Karya Sumadi, the Minister of Transportation appreciate the participation on the blood donor event. He said that a drop of blood donated is very beneficial to those in need. Not only that, the blood donors also get the benefit of donating blood because they can keep their heart healthy and improve the blood circulation also increasing the red blood cell production, said Budi.

Not only in Jakarta, the blood donor event also being held by the Transportation Agency of Riau Province and the City of Pekanbaru. The event was done in collaboration with Jasa Raharja and the Police force. The event on September 5th 2018 took place on Jasa Raharja branch office in Jalan Sudirman Pekanbaru, Riau. On this event, the committee was able to collect 110 blood bags.

The high number of participant which attend the social services event shows that ‘Insan Perhubungan’ concern for society is still high. Budi said that social services activities like those being held to commemorate the National Transportation Day need to be supported and developed in the ranks of Ministry of Transportation in the future.


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