Indonesian Sea Toll 4th Anniversary

Luthfil Hadi - Jakarta, 28/09/2018, 12:00


Approaching the Sea Toll’s 4th anniversary, the government plans to optimize the program. Starting by doing a Focus Group Discussion on “Optimizing Marine Toll to Transport Cement”. The FGD was opened by Budi Karya Sumadi, the Minister of Transportation in Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta on September 26th 2018. Budi asked PT Pelni and PT Semen Indonesia to maximize the utilization of marine toll. By maximizing and optimizing the marine toll to transport cement, the government hopes to fulfil the cement demand from eastern Indonesia.

The direction of optimization of the marine toll was chosen because President Joko Widodo’s plan to construct many infrastructure on eastern Indonesia. With many infrastructure being constructed, the demand for cement will surely increase.

Marine toll was chosen as the main method to transport cement because of the lower cost of transportation. According to Agus Purnomo, the Director General of Sea Transportation, the cost of marine toll is 50% less compared to commercial vessels. It means that with the same budget, they could transport twice the amount of cement.

The government plans to transport the cement using pioneer ships called KM Sabuk Nusantara. The Ministry of Transportation said that the transported cement will be brought to “Rumah Kita” and to the merchant of “Gerai Maritim” that has been registered on Ministry of Trade and local trade service.

Agus said that the cement distribution through “Rumah Kita” and “Gerai Maritim” aims to ensure the distribution is right on target. With the right distribution, the government hopes to reduce the cement price on eastern Indonesia, to the price disparity between western and eastern Indonesia will slowly disappear. Agus also urge every stakeholder, businessman and merchant from both State-Owned Enterprises and private sector to optimize the marine toll supporting program, “Rumah Kita” and “Gerai Maritim”. By optimizing those program, the government expect to improve the marine toll program.

There are 3 route that could be modified to optimize the cement tranportation. The first route is T-4 that serves the route of Tanjung Perak - Makassar – Bitung – Tahuna using KM Logistik Nusantara 1. Second route is T-6 that serves Tanjung Perak – Makassar – Tidore – Morotai using KM Logistik 2. The last route is T-15 that serves Tanjung Perak – Kisar (Wonreli) – Namrole – Sorong using KM Caraka Jaya Niaga III-32. All of them are operated by PT PELNI.

Furthermore, Directorate General of Sea Transportation also implemented an online ship’s cargo and space information system. The system will give information on ships cargo and capacity. By implementing this online system, the government hopes to provide information to marine toll users to ease their work on finding information about the ship’s cargo and available space.




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