Pelindo III Strategy to Face the Era of Disruption

Luthfil Hadi - Jakarta, 20/09/2018, 10:11


Pelindo III is trying to improve the company’s efficiency by doing project rebound, centralized waste management, centralized procurement and payment, and they even diversifying their business into energy, tourism, and logistics sectors. These steps was taken to face the challenge from the era of disruption.

Arief Budhy Hardono, the Chairman of ‘Ikatan Alumni Universitas Indonesia’ (Iluni) or University of Indonesia Alumni Association, said that the measures taken by Pelindo III must be appreciated. The moves taken by Pelindo III can be categorized into organization transformation, product and digital technology innovation, and business and services differentiation. Arief feels that those measures are quite spot on to face the upcoming challenge.

On the Pelindo III Goes to Campus (P3GTC) event, Arief said, “But, only getting here is not enough. IPC III must also change their mindset. Wheter if the capacity already reach to 6 million TEUs ,Pelindo III will be supported by toll road and logistics concept? If it is already being supported, digital technology can become the solution.” The event was held on Tuesday, September 18th 2018 in University of Indonesia.

To transform Pelindo III into the best port services agency in the South-East Asia, Pelindo III applied a new strategy. It was called corporate culture transformation. This strategy focusing mainly on 3 aspects, they are people, process, and technology.

People is a strategy focusing on how to improve employee happiness. Happy employee can improve their productivity and the quality of their works. Process focused on how to assert the simplified process and business innovation. Simpler process will make the services could be given faster, so it will increase the number of services that could be done in a given time. And lastly, technology is a strategy focusing on supporting people and process. With the support of technology, the effectiveness of people and process is expected to increase.

“To become a company that is classified as emerging industry leader, Pelindo III has to give perfect services with the support of system based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT),” said U. Saefudin Noer, the Director of Finance of Pelindo III on the P3GTC event.

Pelindo III wants to become a port terminal operator that applied the ICT based system. The aim is to fully apply the ICT based system in the Pelindo III in the span of 2019 to 2023.

Furthermore, Pelindo III also aim to obtain 84% of their projected profit from their 3 main business. Their main business are ships services, container services, and cargo services. With the projected profit of IDR 5 Trillion, the projected profit from those 3 services will amount to more than IDR 4 Trillion.

To achieve both projected profit and the target of applying ICT based system, Pelindo III has applied the Integrated Business System (IBT), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), locking corporate, and e-Port. E-Port aims to realize a cashless society in port area. Locking corporate aims to discipline the customer and supress the loss sustained by the nation. While ERP is applied to integrate the business in a real-time manner, improving the transparency and accelerating the services consolidation.

By applying those strategy, Pelindo III hopes that they would be able to face the upcoming challenges from the era of disruption.


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